A Veritable Vacuum

President Obama’s stimulus package passed in the House —– without even ONE Republican vote.  To me, this smacks of partisanship and a total lack of acknowledgement and consideration for the people who are in big trouble in our country.  The House Republicans, knowing full well that the Democrats have the majority to get any legislation passed with or without their nods, made this vote a “show” of their solidarity and loyalty to party principles at the expense of Americans who are in dire need of help.  There was not even a hint of them sublimating their political ideologies to delivering aid and solutions.  Their symbolic block voting appears to hold more importance for them than the requirements of everyday survival for ordinary Americans.  Tax breaks do have their economic benefits;  however, job creation trumps tax breaks at this point in time.  The Republicans want just the tax breaks now.  They prefer to can the spending or, at least, keep it to a bare minimum.

Republican policy has proven to be a failure over the last eight years.  Oh, wait!  Republican economic and thus, social, policy has been a disaster since the Reagan era.  Remember “trickle down” economics?  Nothing EVER trickled down to the middle and lower classes.  It has just taken us twenty years to notice and admit that.  Why, then, would the country ascribe to a continuation of those failed policies?  Those upper-class-specific policies certainly would have no good effect on those areas that so urgently need attention now in this deepening recession:



It is one thing to adhere to party lines to show political solidarity.  It is entirely another issue to stubbornly cling  to rhetoric just for the egocentric sake of holding ones ground when people are looking for some relief.

The people really DO need help despite the denials by the Republicans to that effect.  Expert economists, such as Paul Krugman, are calling for a much larger stimulus package than Obama has actually proposed.  Jobs creation, coupled with the need to rebuild our infrastructure, would have a double whammy, positive effect on our economy.  The effect of a tax break would be short-lived while the creation of new jobs would have a much longer lasting impact.  An infusion of cash to Americans as exemplified by the Bush stimulus package of $700 to each working American last year did not have any long term effect.  When the average American is $14,000 in debt to credit card companies, paying off $700 of that is not going to make a whole lot of difference.  Also, even if the average American spent that rebate, the amount of a stimulus to the general economic scenario was nil.

Providing opportunities to have a regular, full time job is much more sensible.  An unemployed or underemployed person will find that a new, steady job will afford him not only the earnings to pay his bills and get on his feet financially, but will also help him reclaim his confidence in himself as a productive person.  This would be the first building block in the process to reclaim our national standing and faith in ourselves and our government.

We most definitely need to recapture our national confidence.  President Obama understands this.  What I am not grasping is his insistence on breaking his own rules to fill various job positions, breaking this promise he made with us Americans to clean up Washington.  I have previously written about Obama ignoring his new rules on hiring recent lobbyists, such as William Lynn to be Deputy Head of Defense.  Obama has once again violated that rule by allowing Geithner to employ Mark Patterson, former advocate for Goldman Sachs, as Chief of Staff at Treasury, not to even mention that Geithner himself violated laws of the exact agency he has been chosen to lead.  This thumbing ones nose at rules is precisely what makes Americans so cynical about their government and their country:


Certainly this hypocrisy must end if we are to forge a new confidence in ourselves and our government.  Do not insist that these appointees were such geniuses that no other able substitutes could have been found.  As  FDR once said, “The graveyard is full of indispensable people.”  Doggone it, Mr. President:  no matter if these candidates and appointees are actual whiz kids, their past questionable behavior will add nothing to our reclamation of confidence, and thus, our economic and international viability.

President Obama: trust yourself, heed your own ideas and follow through on your promises.  Otherwise, we will all end up like those empty-headed, irrelevant and delusional Republicans in Congress.  We will propigate our empty vacuum of a government.  So, like MY type of vacuum, suck it up and get it right.


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    I could not have said it better myself. We need to get your views to him. With your permission I will cut and paste most of your blog and send it on to him and others. I suggest those to whom you send your ideas should send this on. I agree with you on EVERY point!

  2. amy lilley Says:

    Bon, I was thinking, seriously, last night when I couldn’t sleep, that you get get an RSS feed going to your Facebook page, so that every time you post, it will come up on the home page of your friends, and their friends will see it, etc…telegraph, telephone, tell a girl…I agree w/ Natalie, yet and still, that this blog could and should have a wider range of readers…

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