Vox Populi — Finally

Jeezy Wheezy.  Give the American people a reasonable, new idea and by gosh, they go for it.  Obama ran his campaign on a platform of change and honesty in government.  It took nearly two years for Obama to translate that slogan into specifics and for us to see the worth behind his ideas.  There is no going back now:


Even though it took me two weeks to offer some kudos to President Obama, perhaps it was still premature. Tom Daschle’s tax evasions and his close ties with that exact industry that he was supposed to reform was the last straw.  Robert Reich is so precise is his summation of the greater meaning of the Daschle debacle.  Begun by Obama and running on relevancy powered by the American citizens who saw the nonsense and hypocrisy in government, corporate and personal responsibility, the idea of cleaning up our morally bankrupt nation is full steam ahead.  Ironically, even President Obama has to tow the line now.  He admitted in an interview with Anderson Cooper that “he screwed up” on the Daschle nomination; two tiers of moral and personal ehical codes, one for those who abide by the rules and the other for those who answer only to themselves,  can not be tolerated anymore in our society.  If Obama did not get the message via Geithner’s confirmation process, he definitely has the message now.  On the positive side of this error in judgement though, Obama has risen way above the denials and memory lapses of Bush and Cheney, and even Hillary Clinton, who all found it impossible to cite even one mistake of their own.

This adherence to loftier values goes deeper than just political appointments.  It must be applied to all aspects of public and private policy that effect our citizens.  The Obama administration has proposed a cap of $500,000 on the salaries of executives of companies that have taken bailout funds.  Wait a minute:  didn’t our lawmakers, in all of their infinite wisdom, include this and other ethically acceptable restrictions in the TARP infusions last fall?  Could the promised demise of golden parachutes, corporate perqs and personal gain have been a lie?  And if those conditions for accepting TARP infusions WERE a lie, what are the chances that these new restrictions will be obeyed?  Read Maureen Dowd:


I take off my hat to my fellow Americans.  We DO want change.  We DO want fairness in government.  We ARE willing to undergo personal sacrifice for the greater good as long as that sacrifice has equal footing across all class lines.  Maybe we should extend our indignation to such federal agencies as the IRS, who obviously rules with quite an uneven hand.  Likewise, perhaps we should rake the FDA over the coals for its lack of any effective oversight of such mundane practices as contaminated food sources and toxic children’s toys.  Ironic as it may be, the FDA doesn’t know its ass from its elbow.

It just may be that Obama, in setting forth his ideas of change, has created a true revolution by which even he is a little shocked.  No matter.  This time, Americans might see the light and continue down the correct path.  The vox populi has spoken.  Do not get cocky or complacent though: our vigilance is still required to propel this forthrightness forward.  Activism is hard, constant work.

Power to the people.  Finally.

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