They still do not get it.  The Republicans continue to ignore the fact that they need an entirely new platform, one that is modern and relevant for our population and our problems.  Their insistence on obviating a new ideology, a pertinent economic stimulus plan and new leadership all point to a pattern of laziness and, not surprisingly, a vacuum of solutions.  Since there is no new framework at the root of the Republican party, any plans they might offer are equally vacuous.

Instead of putting thought and hard work into a fundamental ideological redesign, they think by simply taking an opposition position to Obama’s stimulus plan and basically, to everything Democratic, the bill would be filled for a new GOP platform.  Their 180 degree antithetical stance to the ideology of the party in power is not a forging of new Republican policy and ideals; it is merely a way of showing the country that they do not support the current government.  It is negative energy.  In no way, shape or form is this strategy a meaningful effort to address our problems and help the people.  It is just a statement of old party lines, the maintenance of which seems to be their only and most important goal.  These are crotchety, dated GOP policies that have nothing whatsoever to do with assisting any part of the population who’s income is in the bottom 99% of all working individuals.

As I first addressed last week, the Republicans’ idea of an innovative economic package is more and bigger tax cuts.  Of course, this would come to pass by lessening the withholding taxes on ones paycheck.  I still have the same burning question: how can the unemployed reap the benefits of lower withholding taxes if they are not receiving any paychecks in the first place?  Kind of makes it easy for the Republicans to really not concern themselves with the working class, doesn’t it?  They are offering relief, that in reality for which no mechanics exist, so that relief will never happen.  Allowing businesses higher tax breaks will not necessarily create the jobs we so desperately need.

Finally, electing former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, an African-American, as the RNC’s next chairman, was nothing more than a token towards wooing more voters from that minority.  It was an action that went directly to changing the face of the Republican party based on cosmetic value, not intrinsic  political backbone. This tactic was solely based on skin color and had next to nothing to do with his party beliefs.  When Steele ran for Lt. Governor in 2002, many African Americans admitted they voted for him because of his color and not because of his political beliefs.  This appears to be just fine and dandy with the GOP.  They will take new voters on their rosters any way they can.  So this recent elevation of Steele to chief of the GOP was also unoriginal.  It was a blatantly copycat act of Obama, also African-American, reaching the apex of American leadership.  Ah yes:  imitation is the highest form of flattery.

My objection, my disgust, with the Republicans is due therefore, to their lack of any work at all in making a new way for themselves.  Some of you may say that that is a good thing; let them dig their own grave.  I believe that it is  detrimental to our country for the GOP to try to “get by” simply by implementing negative tactics against those in power or by imitating the current party in power.  There is no originality in either of those paths.  Opposing ideologies and positions are very beneficial to enacting sound, just laws that will better our people and nation.  Adversity and antagonism are imperative to the continuance of the United States upholding its Constitution.  By disregarding the need to lay a new intellectual groundwork for their party, the Republicans are not demonstrating  sensitive and relevant policy making because there IS NO philosophical basis being contemplated or put forth at all.

Both strategies are empty of any new thinking, practical solutions and so obviously, hard work.  It is George W. Bush all over again, a repeat of his total lack of anything intellectual, material or innovative in dealing with our issues at hand.  It is coasting along, just under the wire, and pretending to lead.  It is fake, empty, nonexistent leadership.  The costs of such vacuous leadership are at best useful in only maintaining the status quo and at worst, destructive to our very existence.


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    The problem, as I see it, is two competing ideologies since the inception of the nation which have revolved around the nature and the strength of the federal government versus the power of the states and its philosophical belief of a weaker federal government. It meant one thing in early US history and another in modernity but those two competing ideologies have always been with us.

    Since FDR and the Great Depression that competition morphed into the question of whether a strong federal government should help the poor, unemployed and dispossessed when a capitalist rather laissez-faire economic system has failed. It became, I think, a competition somehow equated with socialism or even Marxism i.e. total government control of the economy versus laissez-faire capitalism which required little to no government regulation favoring, of course, the emerging monoplies. Teddy Roosevelt despite being a member of the Republican party did what few Republicans have done since. He busted the trusts or at least some of them but the Republican party became the party of corporate interests. The New Deal prevailed under FDR, Social Security and other entitlements were born and the Democratic party under FDR has emerged as the party of larger and stronger federal government which is dedicated or at least pays lip service to concern for the poor, disabled, and disadvantaged etc.

    Since that time that war has become increasingly more intense and its positions hardened. Throw in some civil rights legislation of the 1960’s Democrats, Dixicrats becoming Republicans, add some opposition to the social changes of the late 60’s, salt and pepper in some religious fundamentalism and this has defined the Republican party. It is southern, regional and there really is NO room for ideological compromise. The positions and differences between Democrats and Republicans have become so rigid, so well defined, huge and inflexible that the result of this is a pitiful three Republican senators helping to pass a desperately needed recovery package. That is the problem basically as I see it. There simply is very little ability now for ESPECIALLY Republicans to think out of their ever so tightened restrictive government-is-not-the solution-it-is-the-problem box even when it is crystal clear their policies have utterly failed. Obama is trying to change that and gets sand kicked in his face every time.

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