Oh my!  Don’t people ever learn from prior mistakes?  Apparently not.

Here we go again:  it is hardly ever the actual deed, but rather the cover-up, that invariably time and time again does in the politician:


Is Burris living in a world with no reference to history?  Watergate was bad enough, but it was the cover-up that led to Nixon’s resignation.  The Monica Lewinsky scandal was disgusting.  However, there was nothing criminal about that specific activity that took place in the Oval Office.  It was Bill Clinton’s lying about the proceedings that got him impeached.  Likewise, Burris did nothing wrong by being at one end of a request  for $10,000 for the Illinois Senate seat: a person has no control of what other lunatics might say to or offer him.  His crime is in not making it known BEFORE his appointment that such graft was demanded of him.  If he would have fessed up before the appointment, this little incident would be meaningless.

Ho hum.  These cover-ups serve to magnify the disregard and disdain public servants have towards decency.  So who do you think will replace the junior Senator from Illinois in the Senate?  Quite a term of tenure he served, right?


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