Snow Day Reading

We are having a beautiful snow day here in northern Virginia today.  Before I head outside to take a few photos, I want to provide you with some interesting reading.

First, check out this article from the Washington Post about honest people’s justified anger at not only the corruption and greed that precipitated our economic meltdown, but also at the fix for the problem mainly falling into the laps of these innocent individuals:

Human behavior is wondrous, though quite galling at times.

Second, have a look at E. J. Dionne, Jr.’  Op-Ed piece today also in the Washington Post:

This article reiterates my post of 2/27/09. “The Whole Enchilada”, where I said that the wealthy are just going to have to swing with the times.  And the times are now such that there must be a redistribution of wealth in order for our country to literally survive.  The top echelons of wealth have had quite a nice ride over the last twenty years.  Sorry Charlie, now we must adjust for the greater good.

Third, the following is a letter from Warren Buffett from his annual report of Berkshire Hathaway.  It is lengthy, but so worthwhile if you are interested in how an ethical, successful and socially conscious man should operate.  His honesty is out there for all of us to see, his comments on our economic crises plain and simple, and his asides on, for example, future possible dangers in the municipal bond market, which has always been one of the holy grails of investment safety, are ominously telling.  His admitting of his own mistakes is refreshing, yet his outlook can only be considered optimistic:

Click on the link above, then click on “Warren Buffett’s Letters to Shareholders”, and finally, click on “2008”.

Finally, along with Warren Buffett’s example of maintaining a sense of self, Barack Obama does it every day.  The President of the United States of America actually sits down to dinner EVERY NIGHT with his wife and children.  Talk about providing the basic building blocks of a society and nation!  This is it, folks.  Just as Buffett’s decency as a person and a businessman has allowed Berkshire Hathaway to thrive in the past and weather the current fiscal tornado, so too can a parent face hardships and teach values by giving time and effort to those seemingly trivial niceties of every day living, like sharing the main meal together.  You can spend most of your time climbing your ambitious career ladder, you can amass all the money in the world, you can reward yourself with all the most expensive toys and material goods on this earth but nothing, NOTHING, will bring home life’s worth as sitting down to the dinner table with your family.  This nightly tradition will teach and assure that the necessary values get handed down from one generation to the next.

So do take some time to read the above cited articles.  And then, by all means, take the time to discuss the content at your own supper table tonight.


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