There are certain buzzwords floating around to describe events and circumstances.  Many of these “encoded” words are mere inventions to rationalize false, untoward and malignant purposes.  They are trendy excuses to get around decent behavior.

For instance, in light of all the talk that banks receiving bailout funds should be carefully monitored, if not restricted and regulated, most of this back and forth is balderdash because these companies are so large that oversight is not possible.  In response to accusations that they are not making loans available to those who need them, the banking industry has said that they should not be micromanaged by the government.  These financial institutions should not be forced into making loans that they think are not credit worthy.  In fact, a spokesperson said that “They (the banks) do not feel COMFORTABLE” being told to whom they should loan money.  Once upon a time, the phrase “I do not feel comfortable” in response to a request, usually unethical or unsavory, was an acceptable means of escape from partaking in that request.  Today, like mostly everything else, the phrase has been tortured and twisted to permit banks the option of taking the money and running.  Did those same banks feel “uncomfortable” when they implemented usury, greed and dishonesty in their lending practices?  No.  Did these same banks feel “uncomfortable” in blindly buying up portfolios of toxic mortgage portfolios?  No.  However, NOW they feel quite “uncomfortable” being subject to strict oversight in order to prevent another debacle of mismanagement and corruption.

Another buzzword, “restitution”, had come to light today.  Bernard Madoff’s guilty plea on all eleven counts has been accepted by his judge today.  Thank heavens that this judge revoked Madoff’s bail and remanded him straight to jail.  Upon being interviewed, some of his victims spoke to the issue that we now need to find out who else was involved in this pyramided Ponzi scheme so that “some restitution” can be made.  Honestly, folks.  By definition, a Ponzi scheme uses newly raised money to pay off the previous investor.  Hence, there can be NO restitution.  Some of the victims insist there is still money to recoup.  No way; not unless you sue the earlier investors for return of their capital.  “Restitution” is an empty, meaningless term with regard to the Madoff scandal.

Another buzzword that is used to disguise human frailties is “family values.”  Look at that upstanding unit of family values, the Palins.  Word got out yesterday that daughter Bristol and her “fiancee”, Levi, broke up, despite having had a son together two months ago.  The family matriarch, Sarah Palin, was and is insistent on her untouchable belief in sexual abstinence for teenagers.  Total fantasy.  Furthermore, what is good for the goose does not seem to be good for the gander.  That is, chaos and punishment should befall anyone who does not adhere to sexual abstinence, except of course, the Palin family because “this is the kind of stuff that happens in real families.”  Check out the marriage date of Sarah and Todd and then check out the birth date of their eldest child.  Bristol and Levi were not the first Palins to live and act in a world unto themselves.  Ogden Nash said it best:

People who have what they want are fond of telling people who haven’t what they want that they really don’t want it.

So do not try and pull the wool over my eyes with old, established buzzwords that have been redefined and reinvented to excuse atrocious behavior of the day.  Subjugating real meaning for immediate gratification and rationalization is easily uncovered.  In fact, these bastardized buzzwords are symptomatic of the morally fleeting times we live in.


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    The new word I just learned as I try to get my fackata brain around economic issues is “clawback”. This revolves around those who invested with Madoff ESPECIALLY the later ones trying to sue the earlier ones for the money they received from Madoff. Madoff has created a feeding frenzy. It’s reminds me of great white sharks swimming furiously after the blood of a carcass to get the morsels left and eating the other innocent fish or other sharks swimming around the blood. The victims now will try to eat other victims. SICKENING. What can they do? I HOPE and it is only a HOPE that the government goes after ALL the family who were involved including his wife Ruth Madoff, Madoff’s brothers, a niece and god knows who else. If possible I hope if they were involved attachments on EVERYTHING they have property, money etc. can be made.

    I would LOVE nothing else than Madoff’s family to be out on the street, looking to the Salvation Army for clothes, food and a place to live. Of course this will never happen but I surely can fantasize. Madoff is a shanda (a shame) to himself, his family, his progeny for generations, to his people, and to his country. As far as I am concerned he is a man without anything. To ME that would be punishment enough. Then again I am anything but a narcissist!

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