Sabbath Sunday Service

Frank Rich of the New York Times has his hot Sunday stuff today:

Culture wars, shmulture wars.  Religion and right wing exclusionary ideology are substitutes for the financially and intellectually destitute.  Those GOP leaders, Limbaugh and Gingrich, have SIX marriages between them.  Need I say more?  How many babies in the Palin family were really born out of wedlock?  Need I say more?  None of this would matter except for the fact that these bastions of religious, ethical and moral platitudes are totally void of any of those principles themselves.

Let’s take it down a notch.  NPR has a “Tiny Desk Concert” program where various members of the arts visit the NPR offices and perform.  Back to basics: small is beautiful.  Life can be manageable.  Ultimate reward comes from individual connections.  Less is more.  Tom Jones rocks, especially in his last song here:

Finally, my Sunday worship would not be complete unless I include my confession that I will withhold the appropriate amount of taxes owed to Uncle Sam that amounts to my share of the bailout funds given to AIG.  Ask me if I care whether or not my whole life’s employment history, my superb credit rating, my hard-earned financial independence, my respect for the letter of the law and my moral backbone will go down the toilet.  AIG is using my honestly earned and well managed tax dollars to pay out bonuses to the very people responsible for the downfall of their company and possibly our economy.  My reaction is not anarchy;  AIG’s cheating and lying ways ARE.  So how come I will be thrown in jail, after ignoring IRS penalties and accrued interest, and AIG is rewarded for their behavior?  Why is my protest punishable but AIG’s initial and ONGOING fraud acceptable?

AIG announced this morning that they will trim their bonuses by 30%, after Tim Geithner applied some pressure.  Not good enough.  That is still like “being a little pregnant.”  Oh, I almost forgot in light of my Sunday service:  Newt, “Poppin Fresh” dough boy Rush, certainly that righteous Palin family and AIG are allowed to be “a little pregnant”.  Yo Mama is not.

This is not a “culture” war; it is just simply an all-out war of individual responsibility versus institutionalized lawlessness.  This is true blasphemy, a disdain and disregard for the laws of our land, plain and simple.  My very own government is ordering me to support illegal and immoral practices.  It is one thing to contribute my tax dollars to the efforts of running a viable country.  It is totally another thing to require my tax dollars to help poison the system.  No culture, no government, can make me participate in that fraud.  What?  Is this the Nuremberg defense, i.e. “I only did what I was told to do,” all over again?  I was brought up much better than that.  I was taught right from wrong much better than that.  I have lived my life in support of lawful and moral credos much better than that.  I have raised my two children, the true bastions of all that is good, much better than that.  My “culture” barometer has been honed by a well-lived, principled life and I will not go against it, even for my “country”, whose ongoing survival seems to now be based on illegal activities.

So they might as well come and get me.  Just shoot me now.

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