The Real Anarchist

My husband says that I am the face of anarchy.  I told him in response, if I am the face of anarchy, what is AIG?  A Daily KOS reader commented on my post “Sabbath Sunday Service”:

You will really enjoy your cell at Leavenworth. No seriously–did you withhold your taxes when Bush was killing innocents in Iraq?  If not, this is a silly threat and you’re fighting the side that is trying to fix our problems.  Understandable, but silly.

So besides being an anarchist, I am also silly.  That is okay with me.  What the hell is AIG doing here?  Their contractual agreements to pay these bonuses originated before the bailout, so they think this money, MY MONEY, actually allows them to forge ahead with the very practices that got them in this hole in the first place.  I may be a raging, inane protester, but stupid I am not.  Robert Reich says it best below.  If you have ever read any of my links, you MUST read this short commentary:

It appears that our government is still acting out of fear, rather than in strength of what is right, in accepting AIG’s pathetic explanation for their bonus policies.  Our great constitutional government was hoping to short circuit this continuation of greed and corruption by SHAMING AIG into taking the proper course of action.  In fact, on Sunday’s political talk shows, Larry Summers and Ben Bernanke both admitted that they are very angry with AIG and its leader, Mr. Liddy.  Oh yeah —– Mr. Liddy said it is imperative that these promised bonuses get paid so AIG could retain their “best” talent.  Honey pie, if that is the best talent, we are in deep, deep trouble.  Shame is appropriate, but what is really needed IS temporary nationalization, a boot in the can for Liddy and a sweeping out of this incredible talent.  A poll today showed over 80% of Americans are mad as hell not only at AIG., but moreover at our government for sitting by  AIG, offering tacit consent, to abuse our hard-earned money.  My dear President Obama, as you yourself said in many of your campaign speeches, “Enough is enough.”

AIG is an organization of rip-roaring idiots who are calling our bluff because of their size.  Screw their size.  Do we castigate them by merely saying “Shame on you” like we do in the case of a disobedient  pre-schooler, or actually put an end to their reprehensible actions?  Do we condone their behavior, past, present and future, by simply playing the shame game, or do we include, right from the beginning, new rules, conditions of acceptance of bailout funds, under which these companies MUST abide?  The answer seems pretty clear to me, even as anarchical and silly as it might appear.

AIG IS THE ANARCHIST, not Yo Mama, and our government is a complicit partner.  Get it straight.  Somebody has to.

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