Weekend Wackos

Let’s hear it for those wacky, wily and widiculous Republicans.  They want to return to power so badly that they present empty (literally) political ploys which have translated into twisted rationalizations and ended up as mere delusions.  But hey!  President Bush, at the height of his unpopularity, still scored favorable ratings of around 25%.  New York’s Governor Paterson recently posted a 19% favorable rating.  So it appears that even in the worst of times, at the nadir of public servants’ performance records, about a quarter of Americans are still supportive of incompetence, mismanagement and laziness.  And the GOP is thrilled with that.

Michael Steele, head of the GOP, put forth that his gaffes are actually carefully planned strategies, not incidental, but totally purposeful.  I do not believe this for a minute:


Can you imagine if Steele was ever elected President, and committed some atrocious act of policy and then came back and said, “I was only testing the waters”?  Yikes!  He may be able to fool himself, but he dare not throw that baloney at me for even one second.

Perhaps the piece de resistance is the budget the GOP brought forth.  It included very few actual numbers, but instead, was an 18 page whatever, a pledge to Republican principles without any numbers.  No numbers in a budget?  Eighteen pages to describe the largest budget in the world?  Am I missing something here?


So welcome to our world, where 25% of us will always be there for the nothingness that passes as leadership and government.


Lookee what I found:


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