Out With The Old, In With The …. Old??

Le plus ca change le plus ca le meme chose

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  And so it is with life and especially, most politics.  John McCain, who lost himself during the presidential campaign last year, apparently still has not found himself.  Two incidents come to mind.  A day or so ago, McCain told the press that the war in Afghanistan is nowhere as complicated or as tough as the war in Iraq.  Has he forgotten the decade long struugle the USSR had with Afghanistan?  You know…..remember  when the USSR went down the toilet and Communism was shot to hell when the USSR’s long presence in Afghanistan was one of the main reasons that the Russian government went bankrupt?  Afghanistan easy?  No way.  Deaf, dumb and blind.  Out with the old, in with the old.

Then, when he was asked by “Meet The Press” on March 29, 2009 which Republicans he would support in 2012, he declined to automatically endorse his former running mate Sarah Palin.  In fact, the three names he did mention were Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty and John Huntsman.  Palin’s name, despite his fondness for her and her brood, were conspicuously absent from that initial roster.  So much for the full faith he placed in Palin by choosing her to be a heartbeat away from what could have been the oldest elected president in history.  “Country First” —– my big, bad behind!  Out with the old, in with the old.

Also, Sarah Palin herself is demonstrating some senior moments, or perhaps, some discombobulating scheduling.  It was announced today that the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee, the campaign arms of the GOP, have cancelled Palin’s appearance at their annual dinner in Washington.  Seems that Palin’s Office of the Governor butted heads with SarahPAC and the resulting confusion voided her appearance at this dinner.  Would you want this woman running the whole kit and caboodle?  Moreover, look whom the GOP chose to replace her with at the dinner: Newt Gingrich.  Shoot.  Gingrich was a player over twenty years ago.  Out with the old, in with the old.

President Obama fired Rick Wagoner from GM.  Supposedly, he is entitled to a $22 million bonus.  Ahh —– AIG revisited.  Is the contract Wagoner signed for this bonus the last word, or will it only be a reality because our government bailed out GM?  Should he receive the bonus based on a pre-arranged contract, or is that contract null and void because without the government infusion, GM would be bankrupt and thus, there would be no money available for any bonuses?  Out with the old, in with the old.

Finally, in my last post, “A Liberal Patriot”, I came down hard on Europe and its inherent and repetitive weakness and peevishness.  Lo and behold!  That practice continues:


Harold Meyerson writes of Europe’s present denial of teetering economic disaster.  Ok.  Maybe not denial per se.  How about recognition of the facts but nevertheless, holding true to their past wussiness, a denial to partake is remedying the situation?  If America ever withdrew their participation from this financial debacle, it would be labelled “protectionist” in a heartbeat, and that would be the kindest term probably applied.  Europe is not being called protectionist, nor is it being called greedy and stingy.  What Europe should be branded as is a coward.

In no way am I giving short shrift to the heroic efforts of the Resistance in Europe during World War II.  However, they were a handful of people as compared to the masses and individual national governments that sat pretty until their own shores were invaded and then cried to the heavens for rescue by the United States.  Sorry Charlie:  today’s problems call for every single nation to cooperate and collaborate in the fixing of this financial fiasco.  Finance is global today.  All transactions are linked, no matter what the currency.  Crap investment practices in the U.S., crap internationally in the finance markets.  Too late to cry “Wolf”.  Step up to the plate and assume responsibility.  Otherwise, out with the old, in with the old.


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2 Responses to “Out With The Old, In With The …. Old??”

  1. Nephew 2 Says:

    Just a refresher while we bash the Europeans, which is very Bush administration like to me. The United States did not exactly get involved in WWII right away. Germany had occupied Eastern Europe, France, and was bombing the crap out of England. Did the US immediately step in? No. The US only got involved when we were attacked by the Japenese at Pearl Harbor–more than two years after the war began. The bashing of Europe seems very GOP, Bush/Cheney, Fox News to me–especially the historical references you make. The US has not had a perfect historical record of taking the lead. The Japanese had to wake “the sleeping giant.” Indeed, that is one of the great promises of Obama. The world needs America to take the lead and to do so with its moral authority in tact. That is what we elected in Obama and what was sorely missing in President Bush when the opportunity to lead was squarely before him and his for the taking after 9/11.

  2. yomamaforobama Says:

    Dear Nephew Two:
    I agree with you….mostly. The U.S. did not jump into WWII until “our” shores (before Hawaiian statehood) were invaded first, namely Pearl Harbor. Our approach had been isolationist for years before our entry because of the massacre of our troops in Europe during WW I. Furthermore, despite my parents’ generation adoration of FDR, he is not perfect to me: he was one of the many world leaders who refused entry to a shipload of Jewish people seeking refuge within our shores. FDR sent that boat right back across the Atlantic to God knows where….and God knows what fate.
    At least though, when we were attacked, we fought our own battles for the most part, did not piss and moan and stand by waiting for someone else to save us. I still believe that Europe needs more guts, needs to strengthen their backbone.

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