The Humanity of Mr. and Mrs. O

So Michelle, Lady O., touched Queen Elizabeth yesterday.  And we are still here to tell about it!  Imagine that.  In a break with protocol, the Queen put her arm around Michelle and then Lady O. responded in kind.  Simply mah-velous.  Real humanity replacing empty tradition.

On the other side of touchy-feelie, let me recognize again President Obama’s tough stance on changing the order of things.  When he was in the throes of that shoot-em-up, head-butting primary contest with Hillary for the presidential nomination, I said, in response to Hillary’s claim that Obama was just not ready to be Prez, that no one would be stricter, more forceful, or a bigger bastard in office that he will be.  Hallelujah!  The day before Obama went off on his European trip this week, he fired Rick Wagoner as chief of GM.  Guts, guts and more guts.  Moreover, Obama did not need to publicize the fact that this termination came at the behest of the President; certainly he could have just stood by and accepted the resignation of Wagoner.  But no.  President Obama needed to inform us and the world that, if nothing else (and trust me, there is so much more), he is in charge.  This was a very important statement to our citizens, lawmakers, and especially to world leaders who were next on his agenda.

Whereas Lady O. needed to soften up our uptight world, President Obama needed to show them who is boss.  Both actions, though polar opposites, were exemplary of the specific humanity that is needed in today’s world: a dilation, an opening of emotion, on Michelle’s part and a contraction, a concentration of productive power, of Barack’s role.

Gotta love em’.  We have human beings in the White House.  Can you believe it?  At last.


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