Lovely Liberation

Look at what we did.  How proud I am to be an American today!  After ten years of being embarrassed by our leaders, I never thought I would wake up each day and rejoice in my luck, hard work and uplifting ecstasy that we have President Obama and his Lady O.  going forth and making a better world for all of us.

Yesterday, Lady O. made a surprise appearance at a girl’s school in London.  The commotion was joyful, the emotion and praise authentic:

As an aside, when Lady O. bent to meet the crowd, I thought her Secret Service detail would soil themselves in their frenzy of trying to protect her.  At any rate, Lady O. spoke of her parents’ belief in education and hard work.  Bingo.  Values upon values upon values.  Of course women can do anything they aspire to; they just have to do the requisite groundwork and continuous legwork that success, both personal and professional, demands.  Lady O. tremendously moved me today.  I thank her and her mama for giving us females further reinforcement for having a productive working life while still raising the next generation to embody values.  It is such a simple idea, yet so unnecessarily tortured.

Hillary Clinton, with all of her impressive intellect, ivy- entwined academic resume from the most elite schools and her noteworthy career accomplishments, never hit me as emotionally as Lady O. did today at that school.  I consider Hillary a transitional role model for women.  Her path was a necessary step to the message that Lady O. delivered today. Hillary was a mother, attorney, activist, First Lady and senator while raising Chelsea.  Not easy and she did a damn good job.  I was so proud of her today when, upon being interviewed on the subject of North Korea launching a rocket, she said that the U. S. has made their worry about this launch known, as have China and Russia.  Then she said, ” There will be consequences.”  One of my favorite concepts: consequences.  It is equally important in child rearing as it is in international affairs.

Hillary’s choices allowed Lady O. to take her beliefs one step further.  Lady O. has been afforded the luxury of devoting herself to her daughters, without any backlash from the Mommy Wars, i.e. can women have a satisfying career while still doing justice to their children?  Lady O. delivered her plea to those schoolgirls that with education and hard work, everything is possible.  To the world, our First Lady made it acceptable to reach out on an emotional level and say and believe, “Children first.”  Did you hear the thunderous roar of excitement and approval those students gave to Lady O.?  NOTHING in the entire world is as pleasing, rewarding and awe-inspiring as the voices of children giving you the OK.  They are too young yet to have developed any guile.  What you see is  so genuine, the real deal.

Even I have had my thrilling tastes of  job fulfillment.  However, no matter what particular job I held at any one time, regardless of its panache or lack thereof and regardless of how ever much money I earned at that job, whenever someone would ask me “And what do you do?”, I uniformly responded, “I am raising members of the next generation with values and confidence so they, in turn, can raise up their next generation.”

Furthermore, despite the sometimes crushing job of having a paying job and running the family, I am grateful and appreciative of the role men have had in that process.  Just like Lady O. said yesterday, she too is thankful for the important role men have played in her life, like her father and husband showing her what a strong marriage should be.  If that ain’t confidence, the generosity to ally with men instead of treat them as the enemy, I don’t know what is.  This is the step Michelle has taken past Hillary, but that Hillary set  in motion by being the transition between radical feminism and cooperative reality.  Just another step to world peace in our time.

Whether in the arms of her immediate family or on the world stage, Lady O. has shown her honesty to herself and devotion to children.  She knows the value of whatever she does.  She sees the benefit of starting in her own backyard and then continuing that message of determination, education and hope on a global scale.  She does not need to rationalize or defend her roles as mother and/or lawyer.  Her message is consistent and her values are persistent regardless of the title any one bestows upon her.

Those schoolgirls understood Lady O’s sincerity yesterday.  She spoke from her heart with a well-developed mind behind that heart.  The kids saw right down to the core of Lady O.  I did too.  And I was awed.

So it is no wonder that I awoke to meet the day today with a happiness and feeling of accomplishment.  Look at what we did America!  We pounded the pavement last year, emptied our pockets with donations and went to the polls and pulled the lever for Barack Hussein Obama.  And we got his dear Lady O. in the deal to boot.  What a double blessing.  Just look at what we did.

Lovely liberation.


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    As a friend of mine said in an email to me today, “I feel like I have awoken from the night to greet the day.” Indeed, said I, indeed!

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