Brave New World

The United States is open to a thawing in relations with Cuba.  We are almost willing to sit down and talk nuclear with Iran.  One of our longtime international allies, Spain, is bringing suit against Bush, Cheney and Pentagon and Department of Justice officials for their illegal practice of torture.  This action from across the ocean will propel us to look into our own dirty laundry despite the full plate we and our President have.  Could justice actually have a shot here of being served?  Does anybody else beside me see a new statement being made by our country?  Does anybody else see the fruition of a campaign promise?  Is there anyone, anyone at all, who can acknowledge the historical significance of these possibilities?  Are these developments as pivotal as I am interpreting them to be?

On the home front, I am understanding President Obama’s seemingly contradictory actions more clearly.  This commentary in “The New Yorker” explains his policy dichotomies or as some have labeled “Obamaism”:

The line that explains it all is “What underlies so many of Obama’s decisions is an attachment to the institutions that hold up American society, a desire to make them function better rather than remake them altogether.”

Whether it is for the planet as a whole, or just our little American piece of that planet, President Obama’s doing great.


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  1. Natalie R Says:

    Yes, I understand that and initially thought the same thing as the New Yorker article states, until certain things simply seemed unjust to me. It is true one needs to work with what one has and institutions ARE fragile. I have ALWAYS thought that. We do not realize how fragile they are until we do not have them anymore. They exist merely through the consent of the governed. It is also true, though, it is simply fraud to allow the banks to disguise their toxic assets. O believe it will create more of the same that got us into this mess in the first place. I am not sure if he fired bank CEO’s that the system would collapse. Perhaps it would simply work better. Moreover, I have not seen … YET … any indication of scrupulous regulation. When I see that I will feel happier.

    Moreover, spying on Americans who are innocent without due process makes me crazy. It is the underpinning of our system. Do we REALLY think America is the same place without those guarantees? It isn’t. There is NO reason the 4th Amendment should not be followed and there is no reason that torture as egregious as it was should not be prosecuted. Immunity should NOT be given to the government. The king CAN and should be sued or indicted IF a wrong has been committed. I cannot believe Eric Holder is advocating for government immunity JUST as Bush did. I believe that is just plain wrong.

    I, of course, agree with the New Yorker’s observations of conservatives. They are useless and their beliefs bankrupt — pardon the pun. Michelle Bachman, et al are just plain despicable. There is barely a so called conservative in the bunch that has credibility. They are nearly all empty headed party of no.

    Time will tell as to whether O’s economic policies get us out of this quicksand before the house of cards collapses. I am not so sure it will and I am ALWAYS ALWAYS suspect of Wall Street. Look at what they have done!!

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