Bo: No Geste

Welcome Bo!

We have maritime pirates assailing seagoing vessels and taking innocent hostages.  We have Wall Street pirates occupying the highest of government appointed finance positions.  We have doomsday GOP pirates instilling fear into our very souls and causing a backlash of super-steroid gun buying.

But lo and behold!  We also have a new dog in the White House, and to boot, he is a “give-back” dog, i.e. he was returned to the breeder by his first owner.  That’s a rescue if I ever saw one.  Bo will bring pure joy to the Obama girls and might even lower their father’s blood pressure in the process.  In this rat race of a world, Bo’s unconditional acceptance and love will surely temper President Obama’s stress level.  Not to mention that he will always have a friend.

Bo is a gift.  A pirate of our hearts.  No Geste.


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One Response to “Bo: No Geste”

  1. ERG Says:

    so, Bo or Beau? Perhaps the beginning of a new era, and the end of one (Mids?). Congrats to the Obamas – their possessions are no longer safe! Hope they keep him away from the Oval Office!

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