Laugh Like No One is Watching

I promise I will get back to the issues next week.  In the interim, I have had some time to surf and here are some funnies.

Do mamas matter or what?

Jon Stewart is much more than a comedian.  He is the face of the news in today’s world.  His interviews are among the most interesting and informative of any I have seen on television.  His comedy though, gets right to the heart of the matter. If he is smart, he will take the gauntlet and run with it.  Click on the link for the following two videos, then scroll down and click on the video. Here’s his take on Rush Limbaugh:

The following video is on “Baracknophobia”:

Finally, this advertisement for T-Mobile is the ultimate feel good experience.  The public did not have any idea what was going on here; only the dancers knew what was going to unfold:

So dance like no one is watching.


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