Run Like the Wind

I apologize for bringing up yet once again President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.  After viewing the video below, I am still dumbfounded.  When asked about the Shariah law that he signed off on last week that allows marital rape, and please, correct me if I am wrong, I believe that I heard Karzai say that this particular law will be revised “BY THE CLERGY” to be in accordance with the Afghan constitution. isn’t that like asking the Nazis to rule on religious freedom?  He admitted to actually NOT reading the law before he signed it.  Additionally, the journalist Zakaria then questions Karzai about the upsurge in the Taliban.  To save my life, I swear that I can not make hay out of his response.

It is apparent to me that Karzai doesn’t know his ass from his elbow.  No?  This is NOT a language problem, but a disconnect of a few key phrases that, when stringed together, make no sense at all.  Perhaps too much opium intake?  He could not make any of his thoughts coherent, but nevertheless, wasn’t he the picture of sartorial splendor?  His words were bullsh**, but he sure did look good.

Heaven help us.  This is the country we are depending on to quash Al Qaeda and capture bin Laden?  If Karzai is our best bet as an ally in fighting terrorism, we need to run as fast and as far away from Afghanistan as we can.

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