The Spectre of Specter

Holy cow!  Hot off the press and just across the wires is that Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania will run as a Democrat in his 2010 re-election race.  This is quite significant because, well, of course, the shock of a long-term Republican switching parties is always delicious.  Also though, a victory for him would mean the 60th vote (assuming that Al Franken finally gets seated in the Senate — yeah, right!) to break possible filibusters.  Talk about consensus!  Oh my!  This is earth-shattering news.

Specter’s defection is a solid “period” on the successful conclusion of our President’s first 100 days in office and, I daresay, an ominous omen to the GOP for the next 100.  Once an entity, like the Republican party, abandons its precepts that are necessary for a fully functioning nation, it will discover that its members will likewise abandon the sponsoring party.  The GOP has not only lost sight of what they stand for but also has an empty agenda for the future.  Do tell what your thoughts are on this.

Please come back and visit with me tomorrow as we celebrate President Obama’s first few months as our leader, and I mean that in every sense of the word.


One of my ladies from Maine, Senator Olympia Snowe, calls it like it is on the state of the GOP.  Now, if only she and her colleague Susan Collins would also have the convictions to step away from their political party, that has become so obsolete and ignorant of what our country and people need, and advance the cause of humanity by associating with a party that has historically been and currently is in tune with the people.

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  1. Natalie R Says:

    THAT IS THRILLING….GOOD he socked it to those bastards…GREAT. They deserve it in spades those ruinous idiots…they held up Sebelius for Health and Human Services at the worst health crisis those JERKS… I am thrilled I just saw this for the first time from you!!! THANKS….morning has broken??? I hope it’s been dark WAY to long for me. See I really AM a liberal just a self thinking one! 🙂

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