The Persistent Professor

Man oh Manischewitz!  President Obama just wrapped up his press conference and I feel like I just got my Masters degree and my Ph.D in about six subjects, ranging from government to economics.  Was he ever hot tonight, or what?  I mean that in the total sense of his role as professor, as teacher.

It has been too long since our leader spoke to us to enlighten and educate us.  Of course, that presupposes that a leader understands the issues in the first place and then has the skills to communicate them to us.  We know all too well that our President’s predecessor possessed neither ability.

On this, the hundredth day of President Obama’s tenure, may I voice my appreciation and gratitude that we the people had enough sense to elect him?  He is even better as President than he was as a candidate.  I feel privileged that this President treats me like the human being that I am, an effort that shows respect, humility and value of each and every one of us.  We elected the right person for the times, the circumstances and most of all, for the spirit of America.

Thank you, Barack Obama.  I wish you continue patience and persistence.

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