It Takes Two

This is not a gossip column.  Yet, I can not refrain from commenting on the predicament in which Elizabeth and John Edwards find themselves.

I have held that women are women’s fiercest enemies.  Time and time again, we have seen a female enter into an illicit affair with a married man.  The damn woman KNEW her stud was married, even if he had children, but still did the dirty deed.  No allegiance to her fellow woman or the morality that underlies the vows of marriage.  Okay.  This is a frequent occurrence.

My question has to do with the man involved.  From the dregs of the earth appearing in Judge Judy’s courtroom to the highest echelons of government,  educated individuals and anyone in just about any field and level in the world, why is it that the women involved go at each other viciously, tear each other apart verbally and often physically, yet they let their man off the hook?  A bad word is never said about the man who cheated on BOTH of them.

This is where Elizabeth Edwards is at today.  In her new book, “Resilience” (better it should be called “Stupidity, Ambition and I’m Going Along to Get Along”), Elizabeth never calls the mistress by name.  Instead she uses many derogatory terms for her.  Furthermore, she admitted that she has “no idea” if the baby’s father is her husband. ( Might be time to find that out. ) Well, this holds about as much water as her thinking her husband could run a national Presidential campaign while sitting on the information of his carnal adventure.

Elizabeth Edwards is a very smart lady who was dealt a very bad hand: losing her teenage son, developing breast cancer, and having to face up to her husband’s selfish desires.  But enough already.  Hey lady, step up to the plate and call a spade a spade.  Don’t just call the whore a whore (the mistress).  For heaven’s sake, call the bastard a bastard (and I DO NOT mean the baby; I mean her idiot husband).  Elizabeth needs to stop hemming and hawing, a tack primarily to sell books.  She is just making herself look like a fool when she continues to protect her husband while attacking the mistress.  Truth should be demanded from the man as well as the woman.

Read Maureen Dowd today.  You’ll get it then:


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