Torture: We Are All Guilty

We knew.  We all knew.  Every single one of us, from Bush to Cheney to the CIA to Nancy Pelosi to the Senate Intelligence Committee to you and me KNEW about the harsh, torturous interrogation practices.  Holy mackerel!  We all deemed Dennis Kucinich crazy for his steadfast and consistent calls for Bush’s impeachment for violating our Constitutional rights as well as the torture we carried out against whomever we chose.  We were all complicit in these travesties of law and justice.  What else is new?

No excuses accepted.  It is the same acceptance and lack of fighting back to the insanity going on in Darfur and the bombings of civilians in Afghanistan.  It stinks, as does our helplessness.  The talking heads, politicos and good ole’ Republicans believe that if Nancy Pelosi had protested against these interrogation techniques, either verbally or by letter as had Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, she would be exempt from the criticism that has befallen her.  Bulldoody.

There is only one answer: each of us must commit ourselves to at least one child and teach that child the difference between right and wrong, the importance of speaking up for human dignity and the personal responsibility of caring for the next person.  Ideology can not even come close to attaining the validity of life.  Start with the individual.  It is a grassroots, one-on-one process.  There is no getting around it.

I am as angry at myself as I am at the world.  Let’s get on it.  Pick a kid.  Talk to her.  Inspire him.  Show them the way.  There is no world leader who can fix the atrocities that are committed.  It is up to you and me.


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  1. Natalie R Says:

    I cannot disagree with that.

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