No Doubt

I have done a cursory (very) reading of President Obama’a speech at the National Archives today  and I have listened to his message played back on television.  I need to spend more time on it.  Further, I haven’t even gone near Dick Cheney’s “response” yet.

So far, from what I heard of the rerun of our President’s comments, I was floored.  He seems so truthful and reasonable.  His belief in the law is steadfast.  However, Cheney’s insistence that the Bush /Cheney administration abided by the “law” appears to me to be twisted , i.e. that they altered and misinterpreted the law to get their own aims through.  Am I off on this?  Am I the only one who believes what Obama says?  Am I a naive nincompoop, or are my instincts correct that our President is a forthright person who has no intention of duping American citizens, lying to us and jeopardizing our national security just to get a personal agenda of ambition passed?  Are my instincts wrong that our former top leaders did exactly that?

I need a few days, as I am out of town at the wedding of one of my most favorite people.  I will tell you one thing:  it is nice and comforting to have a leader as our President in office who has instilled in me a feeling of trust and honesty and for the first time in a very long period, I do not feel like our country is teetering on insanity in government.

Oh yeah — that is, if you consider it sane to attach an act that allows loaded firearms in our national parks to credit card reform legislation.  But hey, that’s democracy.  It is often messy, muddled and far from perfect.

Seems Andrew Sullivan is in the same boat as I am — on vacation.  His brief article echoes my thoughts.  Sullivan also follows his comments with the full script of President Obama’s speech.  Knock yourself out:

More later.  Have a good weekend, and I hope it is memorable.

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