Victory Garden

I thought about titling this post “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY”, but I knew there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that Yo Mama could have a wordless day.  So here is YO MAMA’S OBAMA VICTORY GARDEN 2009.

Let us not kid ourselves: the key word in my garden’s name is VICTORY.  The work to have it materialize was arduous: three weeks of visiting nurseries, loading, hauling, planting and cleaning up.  But this year, though it seems my garden gets tougher to complete as each year I get older, it was especially meaningful.  The beautiful result of my labors are way up there with the elation I felt on election night and Inauguration Day.  Ah yes —– every morning when I awake I am at peace (as much as my personality will allow serenity to surface) knowing that President Obama is at the helm of our country.  Sweet victory: I do not apologize for my lack of modesty regarding Obama’s election.  We needed him in our lives, just as we need places of refuge.  Here is my VICTORY GARDEN, my haven:

victory garden 017015013024020victory garden 028victory garden 015

victory garden 014

victory garden 021

May safety follow President Obama in Egypt and the mideast.  His homecoming can not be soon enough.

Peace, baby!


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4 Responses to “Victory Garden”

  1. YO MAMA's BFF Says:

    Spectacular! Will you come plant my garden?

  2. amy lilley Says:

    dearest yo mama…having been to the scene of ‘the VICTORY GARDEN’, I so APPRECIATE all your hard work to make everything look so beautiful…and it all does…BEAUTEOUS!!!! well done…applause, applause…:)))

  3. Natalie R Says:

    That is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen!!! It is SOOO beautiful. I think it is an emblem of hope and I think it is symbolic of the beauty inside of you!!

  4. sarahsouth Says:

    pool party at bonnie’s this friday!

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