I am thrilled for Creigh Deeds — the Democratic candidate for governor from the great state of Virginia.  Moreover, I am thrilled for all of us Virginians.  Deeds’ win in the primary last night was a decisive vote for moderation, common sense and down home experience.

I suspect that his race with the Republican candidate, Bob McDonnell, will be a hotly contested run.  But I daresay, Deeds will pull it off in a larger than expected way.  Here’s why, with some history to back up my prediction.

Deeds and McDonnell ran against each other for attorney general in 2005, with McDonnell pulling out the victory with under 400 votes statewide.  This race for governor will be different and, as a result, the Commonwealth of Virginia will remain in the blue column.  For this gubernatorial election, the money will certainly be flowing to support Deeds.  Current Governor Tim Kaine will move on to head up the DNC, plus our two Senators, Mark Warner and Jim Webb, are both Democrats.  Oh yeah — did I forget to mention that we have this new guy in the White House who is hell bent on shoring up the Democratic national rate of occupancy of available offices?  Yes Sirree: Creigh Deeds will get the financial backing that he so deserves to keep Virginia blue.

Creigh Deeds was interviewed on radio news today and was asked what his response was to Bob McDonnell’s advice for Deeds to take a nice long vacation now that the primary is final.  Deeds said, “In the words of Warren Zevon, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

Good job, Mr. Deeds.  We are supporting you one hundred percent, as will the statewide Democratic apparatus and the national scene for sanity — and democracy — in politics.  Virginia shall stay the BIG BLUE in my heart, and once Yo Mama has incorporated anything into her heart, you can bet your sweet Virginia tush it will become a reality.

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  1. Natalie R Says:

    I don’t doubt it for a minute!! A hope from the great state of Massachusetts that Deeds will not disappoint!

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