Weekend Ha-Ha’s

‘Tis finally Friday.  To be sure you start the weekend on a humorous note, I offer you the following:

1.  A couple of weeks ago when President Obama appointed Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, Jimmy Fallon had these words to say:

History was made today when President Obama nominated Judge Sonia Sotomayor as the first female Hispanic justice to serve in the U.S. Supreme Court.  Obama said this should help keep the court from leaning too far to the white.

2.  Never let it be said that President Obama does not have a sense of humor.  Here is a recent clip (literally!) of Steven Colbert obeying the orders of his Commander in Chief:

3.  Finally, over the years, my children and husband have GRUDGINGLY watered my garden when I was out of town.  They hated doing it and never let me forget about it.  So here is my acknowledgment of their suffering and my tribute to their misery:

Hi …. I need a small favor … If it’s not too much trouble.

I am going away on vacation, and I need a friend to come
over to water my plants while I am gone.

The plants are mostly geraniums and begonias.
In the hot weather they’ll probably need water only
twice a day. I’ll be gone only 21 days. I’ve attached a photo for your reference.

I’ll send you a post card.

Thanks. 🙂



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