Let Freedom Ring

Look.  The reality of the situation in Iran is that it IS a religious country and the people support the ruling theocracy.  Or so it has been up until now.  The people outside of the cities are in favor of the exact government that is now in place.  But step on their rights, on the very essence of their human dignity and sense of fair play, and all of that can change.

What might bring down this theocracy is the depth of its corruption and its denial of human rights.  This election, if fixed, will be the straw that truly broke the camel’s back.  Regardless of the majority’s supposed conservative, religious stance, if the people’s rights, such as the right of a free and fair election, have been violated, even those most conservative in their politics will want a new regime.  In the long run, it is about bettering one’s life, and especially wanting a fair and just life for their children:


Ayatollah Khamenei can dictate all he wants that the elections were fair, he can round up and jail all the dissident political advisers, strategists and academicians, he can threaten the protesters with harsh retaliation if they do not stop taking their fight to the streets and finally, he can falsely place the blame for his country’s internal unrest at the feet of outside forces, such as Britain and the U.S.   The Supreme Leader can do whatever he wishes up until the fervor for freedom invades even the countryside, up until some of the other clerics on the Guardian Council have the backbone to speak up against his religious, crushing dictatorship.

Khamenei is, as precedent and current developments show, digging quite a deep hole for himself.  He is backing himself in to a corner from which it will be very difficult to emerge.   For the sake of future generations, the Iranian people KNOW what it is they are seeking, and it is NOT the present they want to protect.

President Obama also knows this to be true.  Thus, his reaction has been spot on perfect.  Senator John Kerry states his, and Obama’s, case quite well in the New York Times yesterday:


Democracy and especially genuine freedom, can not be imported.  That was Bush’e mistake.  Freedom is a hard-fought process which must be battled for on the home turf by the native sons and daughters.  A government that is restrictive and exclusionary will fall.  The fight will be messy and dangerous and there is no guarantee that the new government will be any less harsh or corrupt.  The process is in motion though, and if truly desired, freedom will ring out in the countryside as well as the cities.

So far, Senator Kerry’s theory is proving correct.  We need to hold back our accusations and let the events within Iran play out.  Khamenei’s declarations and follow-up responses have been totally expected.  I can’t wait to see him try to dig himself out of this hole.

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