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Ah …. the saga of Mark Sanford.  Yes, the turn of events is tragic for his wife and children.  But hell yes, the man should be publicly ripped apart mostly for his hypocrisy but also for his self-indulgent ways.  His pathetic dribble about how “these things just happen”  is a ton of bull doody.  What differentiates human beings from other animals is our capacity for moral judgment.  Idiot.  Heaven knows, we have had Democrats who just could not keep their zippers closed, i.e. Bubba Clinton, John Edwards and Elliott Spitzer.  It seems like we have an unending supply of public servants who think that the power given them by the voters includes  the overriding of moral commitments they made in their previous lives.  Governor Sanford, my dear, broken-hearted man: what of the oath of office — you know —- the obligation to oversee and stay in contact with your state, staff and citizens, not to even mention your state-issued paycheck?  Have you consigned to yourself the power to ignore those commitments?

In the larger arena of sexual politics, Sanford’s behavior is a death knell (once again) for the GOP.  As if his trashy behavior wasn’t enough in and of itself, the hypocrisy is putrid.  How can the party of family values, love of country and standard, conservative virtues ignore the real tenor of their top figures?  Here is Jon Stewart’s take on all of that:

“Oh, marital infidelity, you’re just another run of the mill human being whose simple moralizing about the sanctity of marriage is only marred by the complexities of their own life. Well just another politician with a conservative mind and a liberal penis.”

Kinda of says it all, doesn’t it?

Also, here are a few comments from Gail Collins of the New York Times:

…. although the governor-run-amok thing is worrisome, South Carolinians can take comfort in the fact their state gives its chief executive slightly less power than a game warden.

…. before this search for a presidential nominee goes any further, I’m thinking it’s time for the Republicans to apologize for putting us through the Clinton impeachment. We seem to have pretty well established that sexual stone-throwing is a dangerous sport.

Democrat or Republican, man or woman, I am sick and tired of these holier-than-thou “leaders”.  If they choose to screw around on everything that is supposed to be sacred, let them.  My only request is that they withhold from partaking in moral diatribes against those of the opposite party who have likewise indulged.  Furthermore, I do not want the wife and family paraded out and showcased as a ploy for public sympathy.  Not interested.  Retribution be damned.  Surely I am not the epitome of moral superiority.  But I do know my place.  I acknowledge my duty and honesty to those I love and to whom I have made commitments.  I expect no less of our publicly elected  servants to whom I  continue to give 30% of my earnings every year for their salaries.  Am I unforgiving?  Perhaps, but even more so, I am totally aware that if these hypocrites have taken the moral low ground in their personal lives, they sure as hell have probably taken the same road in their professional lives.  Yuk.

To sum up, who better than David Letterman and his Top Ten List of Excuses for Governor Mark Sanford:

10. Did I say hiking? I meant, cheating!
9. I had to do something after the devastating news about Jon and Kate!
8. I learned everything I know from Governor Spitzer.
7. Let’s talk about more important things, like the Nestle Tollhouse cookie recall.
6. I learned everything I know from Governor McGreevey (apparently McG had an affair with his limo driver)
5. It’s Ahmadinejad’s fault.
4. If you met my wife, you’d leave the country, too.
3. I’m auditioning for the Amazing Race (whatever that is).
2. If you run the state and have to leave the country for a week, since when do you need to tell someone?
1. It wasn’t me, it was my alter ego, Bruno.

I also believe that Sanford is partially out of his mind.  His off-the-cuff press conference yesterday was a rambling, incoherent event, just like his life.  No doubt, he will be outta there by the week’s end.

Good riddance to the Luv Guv.  Sayonara to Sanctimonius Sandford.  Adios to Sparky Marky.  Just get lost.


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  1. Natalie R Says:

    He’s an IDIOT and Republicans DESERVE to be pilloried more than Democrats. The Democratic party does NOT make a big deal about Christianizing the nation nor does it make a big deal about moral proselytizing. THAT is what makes Republicans who claim to be so sanctimonious but then solicit sex in a men’s room or from prostitutes or from an online liaison he probably met in a slimy online chat. They do just the opposite of what they tell others to do and are I submit worse then Democrats who commit the same indiscretions. Republicans condemn others to the belief that hell awaits if they do not tow the Biblical line and then spit on that line in every way possible. They INFLUENCE law, they influence psychology and they influence people to be self loathing. They influence the behavior of others and they create law which is WHY they must be held to a higher standard.

    The Governor Sanfords of the world laugh all the way to the bank as they and the ENTIRE religious fundamentalist movements pull yet another piece of wool over a very stupid public’s eyes!!

    I once had an argument in college with a guy who asked do your gonads rule your head or does your head rule your gonads. I said your head ruled your gonads and he said it did not. Mea culpa, to err is human. It is obvious which rules which as the human body and its hormonal inclinations is VERY hard to overrule. Some keep on trying.

  2. Gaia sighs... Says:

    Another Republican rendered whores de combat…

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