My Attention Starved America

Good morning my fellow Americans!  And glory be, what that term encompasses: invaluable freedom, even though it includes the freedom to sink to the lowest level of personal conduct, narcissism and the tendency to rationalize those actions as the right thing to do.  Bizarre.  Twisted.  Furthermore, our pathetic posturing in response to these behaviors are just as significant as the acts themselves.  O my America!   Your overwhelming need for deification of all the wrong heroes is just so dispiriting.  Allow me the use of humor and ridicule to review recent events.  The alternative would be to roll up in a ball and just die.

First on my agenda is the sadness and regret in my heart that the deeply important affairs in Iran have been pushed out of the public eye.  The Iranians’ struggle for freedom needs that media attention, public support and global awareness in order to continue.  How does this fight in Iran compare to the confessions of Governor Mark Sanford, the passing of pop icon Michael Jackson, or the bizarre babbling of Sarah Palin?  It doesn’t.  Finally after a week and a half of nonsense being on our newspapers’ front pages, the New York Times’ lead article today focuses back on Iran and that the leading clerics are calling the recent election “illegitimate”.  Perhaps it is too early to tell yet as to whether or not the revolution in Iran has died.  Perhaps the lack of progress is just due to the media going elsewhere where their bread is currently buttered.  Or perhaps, the fight in Iran has been quashed for the present and would have happened despite media attention going elsewhere.   At any rate, this displacement of human interest is totally upside down and distorted.  But hey —- we Americans often get it wrong in our deference to the moment.

Who wants to hear Mark Sanford’s ongoing  regalement of his adolescent-like sexual endeavors?  Is he fessin’ up just so he can then cover those peccadilloes with religious fervor and thus cement his conservative base?  How could anyone not laugh out loud at Sanford’s proposition that the same right wing exclusionary religion of steadfast adherence to very strict morals and ethics  would also allow and then forgive his transgressions?  He is such a blowhard who tailors his supposed deep beliefs to cover his ass at any given moment, depending on the circumstances.  Why won’t he just go away?

The hoopla over Michael Jackson’s death is just as misplaced.  Yes, he was a great entertainer, but people, puh-lease, he was such a damaged human.  Moreover, he thought the abuse piled on him was an acceptable excuse to abuse and damage others, and they were children.  That, my friends, is an inexcusable sin.  And Americans, in their endless search for adoration, are responding by lionizing this pop icon who devastated our most precious resource, the children.  Bob Herbert of the New York Times, wrote eloquently about the significance of Michael Jackson’s life and death.  This is a telling article and explains how this hysteria arose from our culture and continues to grab our attention.  If you do nothing else today, read this piece:

Now for Sarah Palin.  Maureen Dowd nailed this nut case perfectly as the ultimate narcissist:

One aspect of a narcissist’s personality is that she will say anything, even if it negatively impacts her own self, just to remain in the spotlight.  What?  We didn’t see this with Mark Sanford also?  Let me throw out some of my own thoughts on Palinism.  “Gotta go out maverickin'”.  “Gotta improve my state, i.e. progress (the verb!) Alaska, by leaving it.”  “Gotta love my rogue resignation.”  Perhaps Palin’s new slogan should be “De-elect Sarah Palin”, stupefying those who allow themselves to be taken in and  exemplifying her “true” desire to be patriotic and caring about her state.

So on this day, July 5th, I protest.  I object and offer very short shrift to the idiots who are usurping the media spotlight and the news outlets that perpetrate their narcissism.  With the Iranian people held close to me, I will choose substance over entertainment.  Above all, I will spend some time with a person of a younger generation.  It  always goes back to  the kids.  They are our past, our present and our future.


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