Quick! Quick!  Call the doctor!  Republican politics are in dire need of a urologist.  Bill Kristol, being his own best friend, is back to defending the life and times of Sarah Palin:

Surely it is not his mind speaking, but the organ of his gender.  He has fawned and drooled over Sarah Palin ever since John McCain plucked her out of the great Alaska wilderness of obscurity.  This is why we need a good urologist to put an end to Kristol’s misogyny, which is disguised and distorted as a defense of sexism.  How come Kristol never regaled us with such an advocacy of Elizabeth Dole or Harriet Miers?  Could it possibly be because they aren’t hot lookers like Palin and thus, do not arouse the organ of his manhood?

Quite frankly, I am fed up with men and women who defend unqualified, uneducated, over-the-top ambitious political hypocrites, such as Palin.  Her political life just does not add up, nor does she seem willing to better herself in order to serve her country in a more effective way.  We have scoundrels and heroes, pirates and patriots, in every walk of life: whites, people of color, men, women, gays and straights.  Minority status does not allow a rascal to avoid  criticism and condemnation.  Maureen Dowd in the New York Times and Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post both take Palin to task today.  Neither writer has any sympathy for Palin, despite the fact that they share the same gender as she.  No excuses for ineptitude, greed and narcissism here.  These women journalists show no such protection and excuse-making for Palin just because she is a female.  A bad seed is a bad seed.  An idiot is an idiot.  An attention seeker is an attention seeker.  Only Kristol would defend Palin based on her gender, and I daresay the word “sex” rather than “gender” is more appropriate in his case.

Hillary Clinton was also subject to the sexism argument.  Even though Clinton is a totally different story than Palin due to her incredible smarts and old fashioned work ethic, the sexism tableau was used to describe the failure of her Presidential bid.  Garbage.  Barack Obama had a better strategy, was the better person for the job and was what our times called for.  No sexual politics here:  the best person won.

At any rate, I wish I had written what Maureen Dowd did today:

In a like vein, Kathleen Parker’s piece today is very funny and appropriately cutting.  Please note that she also came up with the exact idea that Yo Mama had (“The Sarah Chronicles”, post of July 4, 2009) regarding Palin’s political motive, i.e. “follow the money”:

These women are strong enough and smart enough to call a spade a spade.  They do not need to support a fellow female just for the sake of sexual validation.  Kristol, on the other hand, needs to get himself to a urologist and neurosurgeon (one and the same for Kristol’s malady)  as soon as possible and have the wires from his brain and his penis realigned  in their proper, originally intended manner.


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