A Clear and Present Danger

Once again, it is imperative that we recognize the clear and present danger of going outside of the circle of comfort and model of authority, occupied by that stalwart white male, who has held sway for two and a half centuries in this country as the bulwark of progressive thought, enlightened social equality and exemplary morality:

Can you imagine?  A Puerto Rican woman who, with the help of her dedicated, pro-education, focused family, threatening our very being as the United States of America.  The nerve of that Latina to alter the legal and social fabric of our nation.  After all, if what our country is and has been is not good enough for trespassers such as Sotomayor, why doesn’t she go back to where she came from?  There, there.  Then we will be all whole again.

Read Maureen Dowd today.  Mo and I had din-din together last night in Spanish Harlem followed by late drinks in the Bronx.  And yes, we lived to tell about it:


GO GET ‘EM, SONIA!!!!!!!!


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