Wha Hoppened?

Wha hoppened?  Mark Sanford is back in the saddle again.


Wait a minute.  What happened to the God who made you in the first place, Mr Sanford?  He doesn’t count anymore?  Is the only God that matters the one you re-design every time you make a blunder? And then, of course, this new,  morphed God is only forgiving and benevolent to you, not to any other earthly creatures or your constituents and certainly not to any Democrats.  Even though you took up residence at  and sought the astute advice of your roomies at Fellowship House, I am declaring the game, “No fair.”  Why do you think you and your righteous colleagues at that  C Street address think you are the only people who can have the moral, ethical re-design option?  No fair.  I want what you have.  Oh, but wait: I would not be able to live with myself if I did.  I forgot about that one little point.

Frank Rich of the New York Times nails these GOP hypocrites to the wall:


After living their double (triple? quadruple?) standard of their good and right lives, such notables and co-residents as Mark Sanford, Senator Tom Coburn and Senator John Ensign, may indeed adopt Frank Rich’s description of  their resultant road to tow as simply “white victimization”.  If that ain’t a direct 180 degree turn from reality, shoot me.  Their religious right wing  life code  allows them to question Judge Sonia Sotomayor about her “temperament” (clearly white males embody no such handicap), while at the same time allowing them a clear conscience about their bigoted inquiries.

Frank Rich traces this hypocrisy back to the Senate class of 1994, led by Newt Gingrich and his gang who thrust upon us  the  “Contract With America”.  Have a close look at Rich’s article because it sets out the historical framework for what we now have to put up with from the GOP.  The following is my favorite sentence:

That’s the crux of the ’94 spirit, even more than its constant, whiny refrain of white victimization: Hold others to a standard that you would not think of enforcing on yourself or your peers.

Yes, this sequence of recent events is very funny.  However, the implications are dangerous.  If these elected GOP officials have the gall to pick their “God of the week”, what does that mean for the issues requiring their votes?  Will they be able to apply the same moral policy du jour to such pressing issues as health care, discrimination, the separation of church and state, etc.?  Will the rationalization of their final vote be tailored to fit whatever trendy, self-serving ethiccal code they adopt to see them through any sticky circumstance in which they find themselves?

This God problem, delineated by Mark Sanford, is similar to a menu at a Chinese restaurant: one from column A, two from column B.  The only problem is that we are not talking about impulsive food choices of the moment.  We are facing life-defining issues that demand sober, serious and impartial consideration that will hold up over time and not just satisfy the carnal, ambitious and selfish political and personal agenda of the moment.

If we allow these swine to continue to hold office, we will wake up every day and say, “Wha hoppened?’  We know what happened already, so what are we waiting for?

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