A Hike in the Mountains

Let me ask you this: if you had the opportunity to go on a vacation, would you choose to go hiking in Iraq?  Not a chance, right?  Not exactly the safest place to hang out, right?  Check out this story about three missing Americans apparently no where to be found since they decided to take a little walk in northern Iraq and strayed into Iran:


What?  Our majestic national parks right here at home aren’t beautiful and challenging enough?  Old and new European cities don’t provide the culture around which a vacation can be planned?  The lure of exotic Asian sites isn’t alluring enough to tempt one to spend some holiday time there?   The thought of visiting a country where freedom does not prevail is the ultimate vacation temptation?

Oh, definitely not.  No other place on this earth can compete with the thrill of visiting a country with which we have been at war for seven years.  Plus the knowledge of possible road side bombs and suicide bombers in public places like the town markets makes a trip to Iraq even that much more exciting.  No wonder anti-American governments sometimes arrest innocent Americans there and accuse them of being spies or government agents.  Who in their right mind would believe that these tourists chose to take a vacation, much less a HIKING vacation, in a place that has only contempt and hatred for Americans?  Once again, stupidity rules the day.

I’m off now.  Gotta catch a flight to Afghanistan.  I hear its mountains are beautiful and there is an incredible system of caves underneath those mountains.  I am tingly all over just thinking about exploring those caves.  What could possibly go wrong, who could I possibly meet up with, in those peaceful underground caverns?

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5 Responses to “A Hike in the Mountains”

  1. Natalie R Says:

    Then your next stop should be the Sudan, Yemen and Somalia in that order. Don’t forget to pay a trip to see Mr. Bashir. We know how fond of he is of Americans. The Janjaweed would LOVE to say hi too. Think of ALL the history and wisdom you would acquire IF you live and then you and I could meet in Kashmir and buy a sweater!

    GREAT post for an unbelievable story!

  2. Nikita Says:

    It’s just silly, dumb Americans that will do such thing!

  3. amy lilley Says:

    my goodness…what could they have been thinking…admirable that they are all working, but the air must be very very very thin in that neck of the woods and warped any miniscule ounce of sense they may have otherwise had…in this case ‘stupid’ is well used in your piece….

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