Happy Birthday, Mr. Prez!

Happy 48th Birthday, Mr. Prez!  Glory be the day you were born.  You are one of those people who was born at 40 years old.  You are old for your age, and I love it.

You have accomplished.  Yet I dare say , you will do a whole lot more.  The best is yet to come.

I have been doing some thinking, and we need to express gratitude to Dr. Howard Dean for setting the stage for your political ascendancy.  Mind you, he is not responsible for your rise; he was a a stage-setter.  YOU are responsible for the high position in which you now find yourself.  But Howard Dean really instituted (truly, Sarah Palin’s favorite verb, “progressed”, can be used here)  the Democratic grass roots push, what with the use of the Internet for communication and fund raising and most importantly, his belief to make the effort in ALL FIFTY states for a Democratic renaissance.  Dean would never be satisfied with just maintaining the usual states as Democratic.  He wanted it all.  And he nearly got that in Campaign 2008.

Dr. Dean is currently jobless.  Do not pity him.  He is gathering his thoughts.  His best days are yet to come also.  I admire his vision, patience and am eager to see what he does next.

Wonderful news about the “pardon”  for the two journalists held in North Korea.  However, do not, for a minute, dare to think that the deal was not struck BEFORE Bill Clinton left for North Korea.  Rejoice: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama brokered this deal and Bill Clinton was merely the icing on the cake.  It is all about face-saving.  Whatever it entails, I am thrilled that these women are free.  And I thank Bill Clinton for agreeing to be the icing on the cake.

Your health care reform, with a public option, WILL pass.  This legislation just must be preceded by a whole lot of grief first.  You will get us what we need.  I have no doubt.

So Mr. President, have a joyous day.  The Birthers are off their rockers; they are simply racists.  I know that and YOU know that.  I thank Heaven and earth every day for the sacrifice, dedication, time, effort and absolute love you were given by your mother and grandparents.  I love your Mother’s words, “It wasn’t a picnic”.  But she got the job done.  Very well, in fact, to boot.

As you will too.



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  1. Health care -- how do we move forward Says:

    The health care bill will be decided by how the electorate reacts over the next 4-5 weeks during the congressional recess. Follow the debate and other critical health care items at http://www.ilovebenefits.wordpress.com

  2. Natalie R Says:

    Happy birthday, President Barack Obama, indeed! Although I criticize policy from time to time I am thrilled Barack Obama is our president. I have to pinch myself every time I hear the words Mr. President and know they are talking about Barack Obama and not Bush. Bush’s nightmare is often embedded in my synapses like a recurring nightmare. I have to keep telling myself over and over again Barack Obama is president Barack Obama is president. My next nightmare would be Bush’s return in another form. THIS time Democrats EVERYWHERE must ensure, as Jews do about the Holocaust, NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN.

    This country could not recover from the insanity of another Republican presidency. We must uncover their lies and continuing efforts to subvert democratic ideals by phony Republican bought-and-paid-for efforts to numb and control the public mind. We must stop their manipulation of town hall discussion forums and their multi-million dollar campaign to usurp the corporate media. We must contribute to Democratic causes and oppose through our own strong voices their attempts to subvert justice and promote immorality. Finally, we must ensure another Bush-like presidency with a Republican-elected Congress cost NO more in blood and treasure. Control of the American seats of power by the inundation of extremist right wing politics and its attendant Constitutional subversion must NEVER happen again. I remain ALWAYS vigilant!

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