A Life In Lieu of Glory

I have renewed respect for Hillary and Bill Clinton.  Apparently, they are both rising to the occasion and becoming true diplomats.  They are maturing.  I wish I could say the same for the human race.

The pardon and release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee from the twelve year sentence of hard labor passed down by North Korea is a welcome relief.  International relations are so much more than just policy jockeying and power plays.  The bottom line is human life, whether it comes down to an entire population or just one individual.  War and global hostility is outmoded, even if you believe that they were  EVER effective, productive or moral.  Enough of this facade to further a nation’s, or a leader’s, testosterone drive for the sake of power and personal gain.  This event in North Korea was about saving the life of these two journalists first and foremost.  Do not equate their release with a failure of detente on nuclear proliferation.  The actual victory was for saving human lives over theoretical strategy.

It is damn ironic that our justification for war, name any war, is to secure freedom, security and a better life for people when the outcome of war, name any war, is murder, destruction and misery for the affected people.  When we cite war as the means to a better world, it represents the most depraved depth of human evolution: to suppose that the waging of murder and mayhem to erase previous murder and mayhem,  is a big, fat lie.   Bolton, former Ambassador to the United Nations, has been quite vocal in the last two days slamming Clinton’s rescue mission.  Bolton’s premise, which is right in line with the Republican platform of an isolated schema versus the value of  a human life (and therefore understandable why the GOP is a dying entity), is that by conducting this humanitarian mission, the United States has “negotiated with terrorists” and thus, forfeited our position of power and dirtied our reputation for ethical international relations (hah!).  Furthermore, Bolton believes that we have lost face in the arena of diplomacy.  Sorry Johnny, I DO believe that these two women’s lives were much more important than saving face.  In reality, it took a bigger person, a more progressive country, a more enlightened outlook to secure the release of these two hostages rather than stand on ceremony to protect and even to hide behind our  foreign policy.

Who cares about an often over-used and exaggerated stance of  “negotiating with terrorists” when a human life can be saved?  Does that approach remind you of the Bush/Cheney foray into an uncalled-for seven year war, an assault on our Constitutional rights and a usurpation of executive power the likes of which we have never seen before?  How many people do we need to kill and towns destroy so we can revel in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  I daresay that if one of these captured journalists was Bolton’s daughter, he might be keeping his mouth shut right now.  It is kind of like Nancy Reagan making a 180 degree turn on her opinion of stem cell research: she was totally against this research until her beloved Ronnie got Alzheimer’s Disease.  The chance that stem cell research could provide a cure for her husband was enough of a motivation for her to change her mind on the whole process.

Not for a minute should you doubt that President Obama was intimately involved in this prisoner release.  Despite the public language that Bill Clinton was on a purely “humanitarian mission” and rumor has it that perhaps a third party, such as Sweden, was involved in the negotiations, there is no way that our Secretary of State and our President were out of the loop.  It is just that President Obama does not have ego problems and could very comfortably remove himself from the accolades of this wonderful outcome.  He didn’t care about the the ego-massaging that might be directed elsewhere; he just wanted to get these two ladies back home.  Additionally, former President Clinton has too much respect for his wife, his President and the office of the Presidency to conduct “rogue diplomacy”.  Oh no folks, Hillary and President Obama were in on this from the get-go.

Hillary Clinton has also demonstrated a new maturity in her work to forgo kudos in return for real results.  She knew that the main goal of this international hostage crisis was to obtain the release of the prisoners,  NOT to promote one’s personal career success or steal the headlines.  Sure enough, Hillary proved her statement of a few weeks ago that “North Korea was behaving like a petulant child, a rebellious adolescent” (paraphrased).  Now you all have discovered what Hillary and Yo Mama always believed:  mothers know best.

Everyone involved in this humanitarian rescue performed admirably, intelligently and with the deepest concern for human life.  Finally, a little more emphasis on what truly matters and a little less on the glory.  Can we continue on this path working for the greater good?  Yes we can!


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  1. amy lilley Says:

    The humanitarian effort…the humanitarian effort…the humanitarian effort…applause applause applause while wiping away the tears of joy for these families….

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