The Sick Status Quo

Just like in the case of Sarah Palin and her possible run for the Presidency, I will use the utmost ridicule and even scare tactics to prevent that scenario from happening.  Thus it is with the private medical insurers.  Lawmakers like Senators John Thune and Chuck Grassley have publicly stated that our health care “system” is  fine and effective just the way it is now.  What world are they living in?  The United States has now successfully duplicated the insidious class system of Great Britain.  If this situation is not reversed, what will follow will be serious civil and social unrest.  The gap between the haves and have-nots must be narrowed.  In terms of health care, the gap must be eliminated.  Please view this clip on United Healthcare:

Let me give another example of a corrupt medical insurer.  One of my dearest friends has a twenty year old son who was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes eight years ago.  His disease was a bear to stabilize, and only when he went on the insulin pump did his life resemble normalcy.  At any rate, about a year ago, my friend’s insurance changed.  The new plan covered the cost of the pump, but NOT the cost of the “wires” connecting the pump to her son’s body.  The insurance carrier deemed this connector to be  a “prosthetic”.  How could they in good conscience cover the pump, but not the integral parts necessary to use it?  Whatever benefits they gave with one hand, they took back with the other hand.  This is a common, deceitful practice among the private insurers.  And don’t tell me partial payment is better than none at all.  The parts necessary for the pump to work at all are hugely expensive, a cost my friend can not bear.

Moreover, those opposed to any reform in health care always cite the Lewin Group, supposedly an independent think tank, as a source of numbers validating whatever kind of health care system we have in existence today.  The Lewin Group is also against any proposal offered by the Obama administration.  Lo and behold!  Guess who is the main financial sponsor, the power behind the throne, of the Lewin Group?  United Healthcare!  The Lewin Group IS United Healthcare.  They are one and of the same.

Believe it or not, the bigger the lie the harder they fall for it.  As was the case with Hitler’s rise to power, as was the case with our unwarranted entry into the Iraq war and our ridiculous seven year destructive occupation of that country, we are being duped by the powers that be, i.e. the powers that want to sustain and maintain their own elitist positions.  Not only is our health care system insufficient and dishonest in covering those supposedly “insured”, but it also offers no coverage for the over 50 million uninsured individuals.  With health care costs climbing upwards of 30% a year, and the profits of private insurers mimicking those those costs (Isn’t it interesting how the insurers’ profits track the percentage of increase in costs?  Which came first, the chicken or the egg?), our current situation presents as  the perfect storm for a health care collapse which, in turn, could be the death knell for our economy and the United States as we know it.

Get on the bandwagon with President Obama.   He has gone back to his campaign strategy of implementing a grassroots approach to getting health care reform passed.  It is unfortunate that our President has to do this job himself, but just like the old saying, if you want something done right, do it yourself.  He is young, he is healthy and he is determined.  Please help him out here.  Call, write or email your representatives and senators.  Let them know the time for change is now and the status quo is not getting the job done.  Enough of the lies and cover-ups.  THIS is the time to fight back, to hit them hard, BEFORE any gross mistakes are made.  Do not assume the “Woe is me” position.  After the fact will be too late.   We have seen the future and it must not be a continuation of the present.


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7 Responses to “The Sick Status Quo”

  1. Mr.Ninja Says:

    I have a problem with your reference to the “insidious class system” since the U.K has a social health care system that puts this countries to shame. I think comparing the current medical debacle with the war in Iraq is misleading. The reason we are in Iraq is because of oil, and the need to have another stable non-religious middle eastern, American friendly government. The reason for shitty medical coverage for the nation is due to President Nixon allowing the creation and privatization of the health care industry coupled with the massive lobbying complex that currently maintains the status quo. Oh and having the right wing shills like Hannity and O’Reilly screaming “SOCIALISM SOCIALISM” to the sheep that make up the majority of this nation doesn’t hurt either.

  2. yomamaforobama Says:

    Thus, your problem is YOUR problem.

    Yes, the U.K. does have a national health system but the upper classes almost always use private docs and facilities. Their class system is in full, working order, totally intact.

    The reason we are in Iraq is due to oil. But my friend, isn’t that the most obvious profit motive? Seems to be the same thing responsible for our pathetic health care system: the bottom line of the health insurers. We were lied to about the reason for our entry into Iraq and we are being lied to once again in the hopes of putting the brakes on medical reform. The cries of “socialism” is a ploy to prevent fair health care and just a strategy to allow the insurers to continue to rape their policyholders and amass more profits for themselves.

  3. Mr.Ninja Says:

    I am not sure what you are saying, it seems as though you took what I said and paraphrased it. Whats wrong with a class system, or a capitalist system, or a socialist system… The one constant in this world is that none of the aforementioned modalities work. But for the sake of argument let me take your response and break it down.

    -I would agree and say oil had a large part to do with us being there, I would also say that revenge, moral culpability for inserting Saddam in power in the first place, and good old fashioned American ignorance was behind it as well.

    -I would disagree with the whole “Lie” part. You do not have to “Lie” to this country to get it to go along, just have it repeated on Fox news/CNN depending on your political lilt will do nicely. This is a nation of Sheep who are glad to be blindly led around, all the hwile giving away chunks of their rights in order to feel safe.

    -Health care in this country as of now is not unfair per say, what is unfair is the insane rates that are associated with shitty healthcare, and the resulting shoddy health care practiced that are more concerned with shareholders and the bottom line than treating sick people.

    Oh and one other thing, maybe, and I’m going out on a limb here, one of the reasons behind the craptastic medical situation is the fact that this is the single most litigious country on the planet. Just throwing that out there.

  4. yomamaforobama Says:

    Now that we understand each other, we actually agree. Thanks for your input.

    Also, if you have been reading my posts all along, I have always stressed the need for tort reform BEFORE there can be any real health care progress.

    Thanks again.

  5. lou Says:


  6. lou Says:

    just wanted to see if this worked. When I get some time I’ll post a comment to the health care debate.

  7. Natalie R Says:

    The bottom line is United Health Care (which I have in part and HATE as they would pay for a colonoscopy but NOT for the surgical room in which it was done!), Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, etc. are ALL businesses. How could they do what they did to the woman who had the son with juvenile diabetes or how could they do that to the woman who needed something to live is because THEY ARE A BUSINESS and they do NOT give a rat’s PETUTI for anything but profit. If they can legally get away with essentially killing a person to make HUGE profits for their CEO’s and shareholders that is EXACTLY what they will do and not bat an eye. They do NOT care. NO ONE cares except the person involved, maybe family and maybe friends. THAT is precisely WHY we need at LEAST a government public option because that is what successful countries do for their citizens at least industrialized ones do. They protect them by guaranteeing them health care.

    Our country generally does NOT care about its citizens. If it REALLY did a single payer health care system would have been in place along with Medicare for the general populous a LONG time ago. If the country REALLY cared about its citizens it would not get us involved in wars that kill THOUSANDS so oil and profits can keep flowing into CEO’s and shareholder’s pockets.

    Once we realize that this is the reality of our nation we can STOP lying to ourselves and CHANGE our culture immediately. You, your children and their children’s lives may depend upon it. MOST everyone’s life is one catastrophic illness and job loss away from ruin!

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