The GOP: Desperate Dinosaurs

The Republican Party is going extinct, following the same demise as the dinosaurs.  The whys and wherefores are evident: their platform, their raison d’etre, is no longer responsive to the needs of the American people.  Their allegiance is only to themselves, for their own survival, and their aim is to sustain their own small-minded, revenge-seeking goals.  Their mantra, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, has relevance only to their own little sphere of being.  There is plenty broken in this country and health care needs fixing immediately.  A picture is worth a thousand words:



The irony of it all is astonishing.  The GOP is against abortion (never mind the greater Constitutional right of privacy and choice).  They are pro-life at the point of conception.  Then the GOP is once again, pro-life at the point of death, roiling the false, inflammatory waters about end of life counseling as the same thing as euthanasia.  So we have the Republicans fighting for life at birth and life at death.  There is one part that is missing: the fight and support for life during …. life.  Everything that falls in between birth and death is immaterial to the right wingers.  They do not support a safety net that helps people get along, as they consider that help as unnecessary government intervention.  What about all of those  babies  born into teenage, single parent households, poverty and many who have crippling medical problems?  The GOP couldn’t care less about the actual caring for these children.  They abhor welfare, universal health coverage, funds for education, and all the other social and economic features that a government of the people and for the people must provide to keep their society intact.  But no, the Republicans can regale in their pro-life platform yet do nothing to make that life an equitable, just and decent existence.  Empty platitudes.

We are on to you!  The GOP is characterized by broad, idealistic philosophies but absolutely no real follow-up to put those principles into action.  Their lack of responsiveness to the reality of American lives is the reason why their  party is dying.  Lofty ideals are one thing, but executing those ideals is what really counts.  Their stance on securing a better life for Americans, once they are born and before they die, is “You are on your own.”  Lip service makes great entertainment, but converting words into actions is necessary to seal the deal.

This premise of ignoring people during their lifetimes is beginning to work against the GOP.  The cracks are showing.  There is a new book out, “The Battle for America 2008: The Story of an Extraordinary Election”, authored by Haynes Johnson and Dan Balz.  Two items in the book stand out.  First, the authors cite David Axelrod, Obama campaign strategist and now chief adviser to the President, as saying about his boss, You care far too much what is written and said about you.”  Candidate Obama reined in that behavior and won the election.  Likewise, our President is now affecting the same corrective behavior with regard to his health care reform.  Keep in mind that this was masterminded by Axelrod.  However, President Obama is a good study, and he is executing this strategy perfectly.  Today he held town hall meetings in New Hampshire.  He has taken the health care battle back to the people, is asking them for their help and clearly states that our current system is bankrupting our families and businesses.  This is not sustainable and the next step, which the President does not verbalize lest he resort to the same fear tactics that the GOP is using (so please allow Yo Mama to verbalize the catastrophic results), would be the collapse of our economy and disintegration of our social fabric.  The President is fighting back, household by household, town by town, state by state.  Sound familiar?

The second item that caught my attention  in this new book was the fact that it was John McCain himself, not Sarah Palin, who came up with the phrase about “palling around with terrorists” to describe Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers. McCain, a life-long Republican, is part and parcel of the treacherous party machine that propagates lies and fear.  Palin was simply the stooge chosen to deliver the message; she is the poster child for all that is wrong with and missing from the GOP.  Her stupidity is outdone only by her narcissism: she has no clue that even today, the GOP is more than willing to let her be the “hatchet man” and deliver the ugly lies about the Obama administration.  And sure enough, she is totally willing to play that role if only to stay in the spotlight a wee bit longer.  Palin is teetering on a steep precipice and when the time comes for her to fall into the abyss, the GOP will be nowhere to be found.  Trust me: her descent will be swift and consequential.  What we do not know about her will turn out to be so much worse than what we do know.

Palin’s willingness to play the aggressor is emblematic of the ethos of the entire Republican party at this point in time: destructive versus constructive,  negative versus positive and the status quo versus necessary change.  This strategy is beginning to backfire.  The rage, staged in many cases by the GOP,  exhibited at the town hall meetings is becoming tiresome and merely serves to show the desperation of the opposition party.  The Obama Administration is fighting back, slowly but surely.  Today in New Hampshire, President Obama pleaded with the people: “Let’s disagree on things that are real, not these wild misinterpretations.”   The administration needs to squarely address this rage as “un-American”, merely a ploy to not offer all Americans what the upper classes enjoy.  Between Axelrod’s strategic groundwork, President Obama’s newly fighting words and the obvious “nowhere-to-go” platform of the GOP, the cracks are showing.  For example, read this link about taking the bull by the horns:

Nancy Pelosi is the perfect choice to lead this “un-American” contest.  She is used to taking flack from the opposition, she plays well with the big boys and she does not whine about unfair press criticism, like our Alaskan wonder.

With the help of his strategists and with thanks to his genuine concern for doing the right thing for the greater good,  President Obama will deliver health care reform.  Of course the short-sighted, selfish goals of the GOP will actually help in that process.  Based on their dearth of  ideas and uncaring attitude to what over 70% of our citizens want, i.e. a decent and fair health care system,  the GOP is headed towards extinction.  Unlike the regretful disappearance of the dinosaurs, imminent extinction of the GOP will be a blessing.


Thanks goes out to my husband for the basic premise of this post.  I so appreciate his participation and contributions to our discussions.  Tuesday was our 35th anniversary, and I iterate that it is so much more rewarding to marry for brains rather than looks.  But do not get me wrong: my pretty boy is STILL a very pretty boy.

I also offer thanks to my son Chuck for his ever-stimulating ideas and insights.  Kind of a chip off the old block.

Appreciation also goes to my friend, Miss Seven Striper, for having the same sick sense of humor that I do and providing me with apt material to aid in throwing out the Republican bastids.  She sent me the two photos in the beginning of this post.

Finally, rest in peace, Eunice Shriver.  Your words, ideas and actions were so much mightier than the sword.  You are an example for the ages.


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  1. Natalie R Says:

    LOVE this post. Spread it around!!!

    p.s. I must say I do NOT regret the extinction of the dinosaurs…nasty beasts BUT they would have made a great symbol for the GOP. They could have called themselves the GOD…hey I made a funny. Grand old dinosaurs…GOD…LOL cute and totally inadvertent!

  2. marabelle Says:

    what? so, the whole family gets thanks in this post except the birthday girl!?

  3. lou Says:

    Hey, we have the same anniversary date. 24 years for us this past Tuesday. Happy, happy.

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