Postscript On Teddy

A few more thoughts on Teddy Kennedy have come to me since I wrote my last post so I thought I would share them with you.

MoveOn is circulating a very powerful, fairly recent speech of Kennedy’s:

What a conflict of goals and expectations exist in our supposed fair, just and freedom-for-all country!.  How correct is Kennedy when he asserts that all Americans deserve the same universal health care that our senators enjoy?  Certainly only specific groups of Americans, through either good fortune, good luck or job choice,  enjoy the basic human right of health coverage.  This democracy and freedom we constantly brag about seems awfully quirky and class dependent to me.  In fact, freedom, fairness and equality does not exist in America’s health care program.  Period.

Absorbing the immensity of Kennedy’s life, I was very touched by the good in our system coming full circle:  Barack Obama was born one year before Teddy Kennedy took his Senate seat.  The ascendancy of our current President was a direct fulfillment of all that Kennedy devoted himself to: civil rights, education and hopefully, universal health coverage.  Of course the process is a two-way street: Kennedy was an important mentor for Obama.  It makes me glad to recognize the good in our system whenever, much too rarely, it occurs, as in the reciprocal benefits Kennedy and Obama experienced from their relationship.  Our country, our world is a better place for that relationship having happened.

Thank you Teddy, for our past, present, but especially, for our future.


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