The Pirates of Health Care

Bottom line on health care: PROFIT has NO PLACE in the insuring and delivering of health care.  Period.  Any person or business entity that makes money off of the misfortune of others is a downright pirate.

As long as the health care industry is tied to the profit motive, there will be inadequacies, breach of contracts, and an overall tainted, greed-based system.  The Republicans call this a “free enterprise” system.  The only thing that is free is the enterprise of withholding benefits in order to enrich the insurance companies.  In the hopes of reducing costs, the only parties being regulated (across-the-board fees are now regulated based on Medicare rates, i.e. either paid out at Medicare’s levels or plus -or- minus around 20% of Medicare rates) are the providers.  How ridiculous is it that the physicians, hospitals and labs who provide the actual medical services are regulated by the totally UNREGULATED, PROFIT MOTIVATED industry that pays the fees?  What a bastardization of medical care.  At least,  medical insurance should be heavily regulated as are our public utilities and at best there should be universal, single payer health care under the auspices of our federal government.  Capitalism is one thing, but it is evident that when applied to an industry that is ultimately responsible for life and death matters, it is an unacceptable solution.

This debate has been going on for decades.  Watch this video reviewing the medical coverage proposals of Richard Nixon and Ted Kennedy from the early 1970’s:

Clearly, while Kennedy favored universal health care, Nixon assigned responsibility for it to private insurers.  That was, and still is, corruption just waiting to happen.  The last four decades have proved that.  Today, Americans who can afford insurance are not getting the coverage they paid for plus the incidence of bankruptcies caused by that breach of contract are rising enormously.  And that is for people who HAVE insurance.  Imagine the heartaches ….. and death rates ….. for those who are uninsured.

Here we are, fighting wars against terrorism on two fronts that is costing billions of dollars while the real terrorism that threatens our well-being and economy is right in our own back yard.  Health care should absolutely be taken out of the realm of our capitalistic, free enterprise system and placed squarely in the arena of a responsible and benevolent government agency.  Yes: “responsible and benevolent  government program” is not an oxymoron.  Medicare has proven that.  When was it written, and who the hell wrote it, that America is the most enlightened country?  While our country fights wars abroad for freedom and justice, we cannot even deliver the necessary services to our own citizens here at home.  Freedom is a meaningless concept if the people are in ill health or dead anyway.  What good is global freedom if our domestic situation is a time bomb waiting to implode on itself?

Surely, as it stands now, our private medical insurance industry is a pirate that is using  our self-interested, uncaring government as a blanket approval for raping the general population.  All the while, our lawmakers have the Cadillac of all medical insurance plans available to them.  These insurance companies, as well as the enabling politicians, are the real terrorists.

The profiteering by our health care industry, tacitly supported by our public officials and lawmakers, is out and out piracy:

Special thanks for the Nixon/Kennedy video goes out to my friend Cats Barrington.

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