We Can’t Afford To Wait

I have found that my postings on this site are either REACTIVE to the day’s news reports or CONTEMPLATIVE when I do not have access to the internet or media.  Personally, I find the second type more fulfilling because a lack of media allows me to mull things over and piece together my own thoughts with no influence from outside forces.

This entry will be totally reactive, a knee-jerk response, to the fire in my belly regarding the need for health care reform.  I will keep it short.  The most amazing thing to me is NOT that close to 50 million Americans are uninsured, NOT that insurance companies cancel their policyholders’ insurance when they get a serious disease, but that when a person loses his job and the circumstances are even more important then for him to have health insurance, it is taken away from him.  The cruel irony is NOT that the richest nation on earth does not provide decent and fair health care for its people, but that when its citizens are down and out, whatever benefits they did have are swept away.  By delegating health care responsibilities to employers, our country is simply passing the buck, avoiding their own responsibility.  This abrogation of human rights unbelievable.  R.E.M and MoveOn have partnered in this very effective video:

Over 70% of Americans want a public option.  That comes to over 200 million people.  Where the hell are they?  A little civil disobedience, even clogging up Congress’s phones, would go a long way in telling our elected officials, whose salaries WE pay, the kind of health care we demand.  CALL THIS NUMBER TODAY AND LET YOUR GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES KNOW, IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, THAT WE NEED A PUBLIC OPTION NOW:


We can’t afford to wait.


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