LIVE BLOG: President Obama’s Health Care Reform Speech 9/9/9

7:35 P.M.:

Hold on to your hats.  This speech could be the most important one in Barack Obama’s career.  My coverage will be totally knee-jerk in response, a stream of consciousness.  For me, what I hear tonight from my President will determine whether or not I continue to go by the name “Yo Mama For Obama”.  I need to be won over again by President Obama’s intellect, common sense and socially compassionate guts.  I need to see him call on the carpet the for-profit insurance companies, the finagling and obstructive politicians and the greedy, unprincipled insurance industry.  I insist that our President cast aside empty bipartisanship and consensus in favor of enacting real health reform and benefits for the American people.  I do not want to see a robust political process as the end product of this debate: I demand a working and fair medical system.  Let’s see if Barack Obama will come through tonight or prove wrong my last two years of support for him.  In summary and just to get “in the mood”, have a read of Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times:

With Dowd’s thoughts under our belts, let’s do it, always remembering that we need justice and a viable way of life for the children.  It is always about the kids.  It does not matter if the child is three years old or thirty years old.  Once a parent, always a parent.

For the sake of brevity and with due respect for my rustiness at the keyboard, I will be referring to President Obama as PO.

8:00 P.M.:

Good eeeeeeeeeveneing, America!  Lady O. looks gorgeous, but let’s get on with the show.

8:17 P.M.:

Ok.  Kudos on “pulling this economy back from the brink”.  Now its time to get it out of the mire, to offer our citizens the basic health care they deserve as human beings.  Make believe I am from Missouri: show me.

8:22 P.M.:

Bingo!  Our crisis is not only a hell hole for our uninsured, but also for the already insured, who, despite their policies,  can be terminated at any time for (Can you believe this?) for actually getting sick.  Additionally, the already insured are seeing premium increases by 25% to 30% a year.  Do tell: even with the “trigger” proposal, when my premiums continue to go up at a ridiculous rate, who is going to “trigger” a fail-safe mechanism to protect me from usurious rates?  Who am I gonna Call?  Ghostbusters?

8:28 P.M.:

“The time for bickering is over”.  Can we really believe that?  Sounds reasonable, but will the opposition respect this rule of behavior and get on with devising a plan we all can live with —- or die without?

8:31 P.M.:

The new laws for medical care and insurance policies are being listed firmly.  How can anyone, even the opposition, refuse to support these new rules?

PO finally said it: we all are deserving and should have available to us the exact same coverage that he and our lawmakers have.  Can he live up to these promises and deliver?

I like the analogy of the cost of health care coverage with auto insurance.  If people refuse to purchase coverage, there will be a hefty penalty to cover any expenses they may incur.  Everyone has to pay their part.  No free ride.

8:38 P.M.:

PO just faced down the liars, i.e. those propagating the falsehoods of “death panels” and health care for illegal immigrants.  Did you hear the weak protests of the opposition?  Pathetic response from a pathetic bunch of rabble-rousers.

Ya’ know, live-blogging about health care does not hold a candle to live-blogging the debates, the election or the inauguration.  This is not so much fun.

8:42 P.M:

We are now on to the public option.  Actually, PO’s forecast that just a small number of people will use the public option is probably correct.  I will throw out some numbers to you later on that issue.  However, we need a public option mainly to rein in the greed and abuses of our private companies.  Why is the opposition so adamant about any competition to private industry?  The foolishness in the staunch stance against this public option has more to do with protecting big business than incurring more debt.

John Boehner looks like he is going a little pale.  PO just reminded Congress about all the costs the prior administration took on by creating unpaid debt, by its policies, especially the useless war in Iraq.  Quick: bring is some tanning spray for Johnny Boy.

8:48 P.M.:

Excellent point that this reform will not threaten or decrease Medicare’s benefits.  PO will protect Medicare.  Are our seniors so callous and selfish that they do want all Americans to have the medical care that they have, lest the seniors’ benefits might decline? Call me naive, but I do not think so.  I think the fear mongers have instilled in the benefit-laden seniors an unnecessary scare just to allow our lawmakers and private industry to line each others’ pockets.  Different tactics to reach the same old ends: more for the rich, less for the middle and lower classes.

8:55 P.M.:

I want to see PO stand on his word to call out those agitators who just want to maintain the status quo.  I want to see them shouted down, cut off at the knees, at the first hint of inflammatory lies.

“The character of our country” is the most meaningful phrase PO used tonight.  But he must act on it.  Now he is calling Orrin Hatch on the hypocritical carpet for understanding the needs of our population yet denying fair and equal care available to all.  PO did the same thing earlier with John McCain.  “Sometimes government has to step in to help out the people”.  Well said and so true.  “Sometimes too little government is just as harmful as too much.”  Again, well said and also true.

9:02 P.M.:

No more “kickin’ the can down the road.”  He said it.  PO is demonstrating hope and confidence in our system, in our government.  And guess what? PO gave us the benefit of an optimistic outlook to get this reform through.  To me, PO was damn emphatic about cutting out the crap offered by the opposition.  Yet he would be open to listen to reasonable proposals from them.

9:08 P.M.:

Lookie who the GOP put up for the Republican response.  Rep. Charles Boustany from Louisiana.  A former physician.  Obviously couldn’t cut it in the medical field in Louisiana so he went the next best route for personal gain: elective office.  A wimp, a wuss, a nobody.  He wants us to start all over on reform.  Kickin’ the can?  You betcha!  And here comes the fear mongering, about out-of-control costs.  No lesson learned here tonight.  Well I guess he had his five minutes of fame.

9:14 P.M.:

Okay.  We are done for tonight.  My verdict?  I am with PO all the way.  He steadfastly stood his ground and said in no uncertain terms that we WILL get health reform this year.  For those who object to equal care, they will be on the wrong side of history —- and a just, compassionate nation.  We are going to get reform.  My children and their children (?) will be treated as decent human beings.  Lights, camera, ACTION right now.

And to all a goodnight.

With love and renewed hope,

Yo Mama


10 Responses to “LIVE BLOG: President Obama’s Health Care Reform Speech 9/9/9”

  1. New Kid Says:

    i’m here with ya, mama. listening on my computer as i have no TV. blog on, sistah. blog on.

  2. New Kid Says:

    enough already with the clapping. let the man talk.

  3. middle child Says:

    The two B’s are behind Obama – Biden and Botox!

  4. New Kid Says:

    FYI you can watch a live stream video on if anyone else is TV-less…And also, I am exactly who he is talking about. I’m middle class, I’m self-employed, and I can’t afford to pay for private health insurance. I have emergency care coverage, but nothing else. It’s awful…This speech better deliver.

  5. middle child Says:

    OMG! He’s pulling out all the stops! GObama!

  6. New Kid Says:

    That Repub. was a total tool. GObama. I cried when he talked about Teddy, obviously. Thanks for live blogging, Mama.

  7. yomamaforobama Says:

    Thanks, my buds!
    You are SO funny, even on a topic that is not so funny at all.
    Yo Mama

  8. sarahsouth Says:

    thanks, yo mama! love yo.

  9. lou Says:

    why are so many afraid of “socialized health care” So many people already receive their health care this way – Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans, active military. With the public plan option, we will be adding yet another bureaucratic system. Yes, all people need health coverage, however we dont need yet another separate system. This has to cost us mucho $$ to administer . Is this a step in the right direction that we must settle for? I don’t know, but I am not optimistic about everreaching univ health care, which I believe is our only hope to provide quality care at an affordable price to all. The special interests are to powerful. Guaranteed coverage for “pre-exixting conditions” – I’m all for it. It’s the right thing to do. However, let’s be aware, this is going to cost more $$. The insurance companies will not fight this. Why should they? More customers, more premiums. They will raise the cost of health plans to cover the greater risk. That’s how ins. works. Yet another reason for univ coverage – spreading the cost across the country for all to share. The analgy about auto ins was great and true. Tomorrow at work we are meeting with our health care consultants (yes, need consultants to work through the issues with insurance companies) and will try to figure out how to cover a $1.4 million increase to our health ins premiums with out passing on this burden to our 1,000 employees. If we figure that out, I’ll share here. What a night mare.

    • yomamaforobama Says:

      You hit the nail right on the head. Great: so nobody will be denied insurance due to pre-exisiting conditions. But —- and it is the ULTIMATE BUT —- there are no rules and regs on premium increases. Everyone says the competition with the public option will naturally control price increases. I am not so sure of that. The only realistic answer is universal, single payer health care. Furthermore, Prez Obama said last night (as you did in your quoting of the stats a few weeks ago) that the number of people who will actually sign up for the public option will not be nearly as high as everyone thinks. Maybe between 5 and 10 million people. Again, I disagree. If there are no controls on premium growth, many more millions will flock to the public option. Thus, we might very well have a single payer system much quicker than we expected. For those well-off people, they too would fall in line with a universal system, the only difference being that they would probably purchase secondary, private insurance to cover the highest quality of care they are used to. In fact, in England, this is exactly what most of the people with discretionary income do.

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