Prelude to a Live Blog

Not a good day for Yo Mama.  I admit I am sometimes slow on the uptake, but eventually I do come to the party.

Today, I received a call from the Virginia state Democratic people.  After I picked up the phone, little Suzy Sunshine, in all of her adorable perkiness, started soliciting me for a donation.  Not exactly the best day to be calling Yo Mama and making a pitch for a donation to the Democratic cause.  I promptly told her, “Stop.  Even though I was a staunch supporter of our now Senators Webb and Warner, and fought like hell to transform Barack Obama from a presidential candidate to our President, I am not giving one more red cent  to ANY Democratic cause, in ANY capacity, until I have the same health insurance,  access to medical care and zero costs of such benefits that these elected officials have.  As unbelievable as it is that there are almost 50 million Americans with no health insurance and those that can afford coverage are seeing their premiums increase over 25% per year, it is unfathomable that we the (same) people are footing the bill for our lawmaker’s free and cushy medical policies.”  That is where I have been slow on the uptake, and today that fact hit home and I am almost as livid as we all should be.  So “No, my dear Suzy Sunshine.  Not one more blessed cent for the Democrats until I CAN HAVE WHAT THEY HAVE.”   I then bid her “Buh-bye” and hung up the phone.

Perhaps my anger goes even deeper than just policy considerations.  I am disillusioned with President Obama and would like to see him close the gap between his campaign promises and  presidential actions.  I am not stupid or naive; I just BELIEVED him.  Steven Pearlstein, in the Washington Post today, called for our President to “stand tall” tonight, face down the self-interested naysayers and deliver what he promised:

Let us listen carefully and see if he really is the man we thought we elected.  I will be back online around 7:30 tonight.   Here we go!

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