Stupid is as Stupid Does

Please stop me if you have heard this one before.  Today, 9/11. the Coast Guard held extensive training exercises on the Potomac River.  Right near the Pentagon.  Just as President Obama’s motorcade was en route there for the memorial service.  Besides the media blowing this up into panic proportions, who was the rocket scientist from the Coast Guard who planned such activities for, of all days,  9/11?  The head of the Coast Guard said he would get back to us on that.

Ah yes. Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst of “You lie” at President Obama’s speech two days ago is the proof that indeed, the GOP are a band of thugs.  Kind of proved the President’s premise that the time for bickering is over.  Far be it for me to dwell on civility and composure when a principle in involved.  Nevertheless, I have been informed that is unacceptable conduct for a member of Congress to shout out like that.  Q.E.D.

Is this a great country, or what?


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