Chilling Charades

The anger directed at President Obama by the conservative right is no less than a charade.  It is an attempt to use political bullying and public anger to cover up their racist agenda.  Read about it and weep:

Colbert King writes what we all have been tiptoeing around: the fact that there are certain elements in our government and country that just cannot abide the thought, much less the reality, that our Commander-in-Chief is an African-American.  This is offered not as an excuse, but as a real explanation of the fear-mongering, scare tactics and now, public abuse of our President.

How else can the GOP’s continuous obstructionism to any reform be explained?  Is there any other basis for them to admit that the one thing they so desire and work for is “Obama’s Waterloo”?  Where are their work ethics, their dedication to helping the people who elected them and pay their salaries?  Today, it is not socially acceptable to be racist, especially for an elected official.  The rewards just are not there for those that publicly hate others who are different from themselves.  Thus, we are seeing the subterfuge (not very subtle, either) of the Republicans to call out and put down uniformly every aspect of our President’s policy proposals.  They are outraged that a Black American is at the helm of our government.

As a result of this blatant racism, the process is becoming increasingly volatile and scary.  From President Obama’s viewpoint, imagine the stress that faces him every time he opens his mouth.  If you think it is difficult to hold public office and think twice before you publicly speak, just imagine what it must be like for him, a minority.  He does not need to think twice, he needs to think ten times over.  If he has any anger over the state of racial affairs in our country, or over any other issue for that matter, he has to sit on it, temper it, lest he be judged just another angry Black man.  As an African American, President Obama still is not afforded the right (and it is NOT a luxury folks —- it is a right) to voice his opinions as easily and freely as his non-minority colleagues.  He has to be so careful in order to not fall prey to our still viable racial stereotypes.  And then, take a moment to imagine the stress our President must feel whenever he and his family step out in public.  No amount of security can placate the trepidation he must experience every waking day.  This is the sort of spiralling anger that the opposition is promoting, all in the name of preservation of THEIR status quo.

Additionally, and this is the real frightening part, the right wingers are roiling up the racial pot by using the have-nots, the neediest people, as their henchmen.  The Republicans, especially those from the South, have no intention of actually sharing their economic or social status with the middle and lower classes.  Heaven forbid.  They are merely USING these needy people to stir up anger at Obama.  It is an empty, destructive course.  Colbert King quoted a Floridian’s email to a local media station:

“This is exactly how Hitler rose to power in Germany, by preaching to those most vulnerable members of society.”

While the Conservatives are sermonizing about the evil ways of our current administration and its leader, it is simply a deceitful mechanism to guarantee economic and social injustice.  Their anti-Obama fervor is no more than a hook to rope in voters, any voters will do, even those that historically gain zilch from Republican policies, to throw out of office the Black man we elected.

It is a charade.  Despite our acknowledgment and understanding of this process, it is nonetheless terribly frightening.  The politics of fear have no place in the United States of America.  I do understand that a fine line exists between our right of freedom of speech and destructive political and social motives.  Our democracy guarantees those rights.  When, however, does democracy itself become a charade?  Does somebody have to die, does social unrest have to infect our society, does all hell have to break loose before we can act like the civilized human beings our Constitution was created to support?

Chilling.  Absolutely chilling.


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  1. theGOPisDead Says:

    Here here!

  2. coffined Says:

    I wish I could say it surprised me how white conservatives have reacted to Obama being President, but I can’t. I expect it to be even worse. I am disappointed in how some black conservative buy into the charade.

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