What We Know

Here’s what we already know about health care reform:

1.  Over 70% of Americans want the public option as a choice to their health care coverage.

2.  Over 70% of physicians support the public option.

3.  That sector of the population that is almost uniformly opposed to a public option is the senior age group.  The great irony is that they already have a government supported medical plan in Medicare but they do not want anybody else to have access to that type of plan lest it impinge on the their own benefits.  What nerve.

4.  Health coops will not work.  The pools created by this program will not be large enough to foster the necessary shared risk.

5.  The trigger idea is equally useless.  To wait five years to see if the insurance companies will tow the line in terms of no pre-existing conditions, no cancellation of policies once a person becomes sick and competitive pricing of premiums has been disastrous for decades.  Why would the insurance companies, all of a sudden, get religion and act ethically?  Just look at the following compensation packages for the heads of the leading insurance companies:


This folly has been going on for a very long time, despite the ranks of our uninsured steadily and alarmingly increasing.  There are no regulations to police the pricing of health care policies and likewise, absolutely no rules for sick people actually permitted to maintain those policies.  If this is the “free market” in which we take such pride, it is the biggest sham in the world.  For Heaven’s sake, even our prisoners are guaranteed health care.  Is a prerequisite for medical care robbery or murder?  What’s wrong with law-abiding, everyday Americans who are literally dying to get treated?  This very sorry state of affairs in our country speaks volumes to the kind of society we live in and the lack of appropriate values.  Shame on us.

6.  As the poster child of the absence of regulation, not to mention ethics, transparency or oversight, the bailed-out financial industry has NEVER instituted reforms and regulations to prevent a future meltdown.  They are currently packaging yet even more suspect investments to peddle to even more greedy investors.  Always remember: it takes two to tango.  The greed of Wall Street is only superceded by that of their own customers.  If we are not going to have “systemic reform” in  our financial industry, either by regulations imposed internally or by the federal government, there should be no further bailouts.  Those individuals and fiduciaries who want to get in on the game, should be responsible for their own risks and losses.  Furthermore, if there is no attempt to prevent these mega-companies to cut down their size and thus, their impact on the economy should they hit the skids again, they should be left to fail.  Period.

7.  President Obama is not a wizard.  He knew coming into this administration that the problems were severe and not easily fixed.  Based on our form of government, there is just so much he can do to remedy the corruption disguised as capitalism.  However, his party (at least) better get behind him or it will all be for naught.  These two Op-Ed articles explain the situation well:



8.  What we are faced with right now in our health care reform debate is the thugs, i.e. the GOP, versus the wimps, i.e. the Democrats.  Our lawmakers do not concern themselves with the well-being of our average Joes (Although Joe the Plumber and good ole’ Rep. Joe Wilson seem to be getting their piece of the American dream.  Some role models, no?)

So this is all we know.   Isn’t it enough information, enough  of a basis, to stimulate us to make some real changes?  The even more sobering thought is that what we DON’T know might be even worse.  But not to worry: what we DO already know will probably kill us before we get to the unknown part.

Have a nice day:)!!!!!!!!!

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  1. lou Says:

    very cool

  2. Natalie R Says:

    Yomamma for Obama FOR PRESIDENT!!! or at least a table at health care negotiation. You are right on the money. Again, I hope this blog goes to some appropriate sources who have power. You need to make your thoughts AUDIBLE. Get on a soapbox in the middle of the Washington mall or whatever mall you choose and tell it like it is as you do in your blog. Call a talk show like Ed Schultz, email Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and most of all BLUE DOG DEMS. Get your thoughts out there to the people who count, they are good ones and easily understood from someone obviously in the know!!

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