Hail Mary

Too many deaths lately.  Today I pay homage to Mary Travers, our “Mary” of Peter, Paul and Mary.  I grew up on her music and so did my children.  Her crystal clear voice, forceful yet gentle, combined with those tosses of her head and her hair freely flying was an overall magical thing to see and hear.

Music has the power to reach out to people and ideas.  The composing/performing trio of Dylan, Denver and Travers was powerful and beautiful.  Mary Travers got the message across, time after time.

And of course, the magical song on which so many children were raised and taught the virtues of gentleness:

And my all-time favorite, for my Maribel:  (Please take the time to download this MP3.  It will just take a few seconds.)


Personally, I cannot envision bringing up children without Mary’s music.  Mary knew it just like I know it: its about the children.  Thank you, Mary Travers, for singing your heart out for all of us.  RIP.

For my Chuck and everyone else as well:


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  1. amy lilley Says:

    Yes, I am so sad today about losing Mary Travers as well…and ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner…’…I think that Maribel is one of the few who will actually remember and still listen from her generation…I hope that Maribel keeps the flame a-burning, whilst blowin’ in the wind…

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