Who Needs Government — Besides the Politicians?

It has come to my attention that many Republicans are calling for a hiatus of government interference across the board on issues ranging from financial practices to health care.  People such as Sarah Palin and Eric Cantor are adamant that government has no place in providing financial oversight and scrutiny to the forces that rule our economy nor a safety net of social services to the people for such basic needs as health care.

The supposed leaders are not only stupid theoreticians with no foothold in providing actual help to a needy population, but are also demonstrating their desire to participate in a government that offers THEM the exact benefits they would deny everyone else.  Furthermore, while they want the government totally out of actually helping people, they want just enough government in place to support their jobs running a country with the least amount of government as possible.  How about having a government that works for the people instead of the elected officials?  My take on their stance is similar to Shakespeare’s quip about “First thing we do is kill all the lawyers”.  I say that we should get rid of these blood-sucking politicians who want no government for the people but indeed want just enough government to maintain their cushy, benefit-laden jobs IN the government.

Just look at our Sarah: still the poster child for stupidity, gallivanting around the globe and speaking about how government interference is the death (not ANOTHER death panel?) of freedom.  Sure.  Easy for her to say —- at a purported quarter of a million dollars a pop in speaking fees.  Yet she hounds her audience that for the government to step in and make financial policies and transactions safer and more ethical for everyone is the end of all of our freedoms.  That may be true in terms of HER financial goals of totally free enterprise and capitalistic laissez-faire, but certainly not true regarding the majority of Americans who are just trying to keep a job, or invest safely or just keep their heads above water.  I might be convinced of her stridency about removing government interference if only I could witness ONE poor person in favor of this capitalistic musing.  Do you happen to know just one?

And Representative Eric Cantor from (oh dear!) Virginia is even more insistent in his beliefs that government has no place to help those that the government was designed to, well ….. help.  His anti-government,  main thrust now is health care reform.  Just the other day, a woman in his listening audience came up to the microphone and told Cantor about a dire situation in which one of her relatives found herself.  She asked for Cantor’s advice.  Here is the video clip:


Can you believe that Cantor told this woman to find some charity to take care of her relative’s cancer situation?  Right then and there, the woman should have asked Cantor if HE would kick in a couple of thousand dollars to help cover the cost of this immediately needed, life-saving surgery.   How can Cantor justify his incredible health benefits through his job yet in the same breath, deny someone else’s rights just because they lost their job?  By the time this patient goes through the red tape of a charitable organization or existing government program, she will be dead.

Health care comes down to EMPATHY, fairness, equity of freedom and immediate access to medical care.  Eric Cantor does not need to wait weeks or months to get a medical problem tended to.  Why should ANY American not be able to walk into any health facility and get the same care?  Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia has it right: there must be a public option.  Period. Finito.

So these Republicans who preach against government interference for everyone else have no right to do so because they are speaking from a position of strength.  Let them give up their salaries, lose their hard-earned savings due to corrupt and criminal financial practices, and sacrifice their health care benefits so that they too, just like the general public, have no access to or coverage for medical care.  Then, maybe just THEN, they might call FOR government “interference” just a wee bit to cover their own asses.

As I told you yesterday, I am back.  With a vengeance!


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