Shame on America

Shame on America, the richest nation in the world.  We remain the only industrialized country in the world without universal, affordable health care.  Shame on the Senate Finance Committee for kowtowing to the interests of the insurance industry.  Shame on our legislators for ignoring what their constituents need in order to live any decent kind of life.  And even though it is still too early, allow me to jump the gun and say “Shame on you, President Obama”.  The time is now to put your money where your mouth is.  I do not care how you do it, either by a veto or by reconciliation (51 Senate votes without any Republican support), you must get this public option passed.  The hell with what your colleagues and public think of you; make fairness and justice for all a reality.  Get over it and do the right thing.

Without some sort of public option, even though laws will be enacted to make health coverage mandatory, the costs of such insurance will still be out of reach of too many Americans.  These insurance companies are bottom feeders, bloodsuckers of the worst kind.  They have no qualms about denying coverage to those subscribers who,  despite the fact that they have been paying their monthly premiums religiously,  have been diagnosed with serious, expensive illnesses.  They will drop you like a hotcake.  Furthermore, the public option was our only chance of promoting  competition in the hopes of keeping costs affordable.  Today, the Senate Finance Committee threw that option right out the window.  There is no way the insurance industry is going to voluntarily keep coverage affordable when they have no financial impetus to rein in monthly premiums.  Haven’t the last three decades proved that?  Additionally, having a “trigger” that would fall into place in five years if the insurance industry does not comply with these new mandates is simply a delaying tactic, an excuse to carry on as usual.  The “trigger” is merely being used to give the insurance companies five more years of unfettered, corrupt profits.

As for me, I will be enrolled in Medicare in seven years.  But what about my twenty/thirty-year-old children?  What will be made available to them?  Probably some basic health insurance plan that will cover catastrophic care but not preventative, non-emergent care.  Without the public option to force competition, this insufficient coverage will be the only plan these kids can afford.  You call that mandatory insurance?  It is as discriminatory as “separate but equal.”

Shame, shame on America.


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