Whaddya, Whaddya?

Whaddya mean that our Congress is made up of astute members looking out for the real needs of our people?  Whaddya mean that they are the prime examples of our democratic, free and just government?  Whaddya mean that they aren’t in the pockets of our great and glorious corporate interests?  Just whaddya mean??????

Our Senate should be renamed “The House of Lords”, as in maintaining their elitist position which must always be above that of the common masses, as in “My Liege” to whom we must bow down to after their appropriation of our hard-earned dollars, as in “lording” over the rest of us their elected positions which apparently affords them status over and above what we, the people, have, as if they are “on velvet” once they get elected.

Our chivalrous Senators on the Senate Finance Committee, in all of their infinite wisdom, voted down the public option yesterday.  Many pundits remain adamant that despite this vote, we will nevertheless wind up with a public option.  Either I am more stupid than a rock or this semantic goobledygock is total bull doody.  I am understanding of the, often convoluted and obstructionist, checks and balances within our system of government.  However, it will be a total waste of time to allow “process” to have dominance over “substance”.  For example, many Republicans and Democrats are speaking out and saying yes, indeedy, they are in favor of the public option.  They want the “trigger”, as if a public option and the trigger are of one and the same thing.  Not true.  The “trigger” is a delaying tactic to allow the insurance companies five more years of runaway profits at the cost of huge premium increases and policy cancellations to their subscribers.  That bastion of legislative genius, Senator Max Baucus, came out today and said yes, he is in favor of the public option (could’ve fooled me!) but not at the expense of securing sixty Senate votes.  There you go: process over substance.  Whaddya, whaddya?

Moreover, it is inconceivable to me that Senator Baucus , who heads the Senate Finance Committee, has accepted over $3.5 million in campaign contributions from our health care industries and yet leads this august committee in setting  health care policy.  Tainted?  Why was it not acceptable for Tom Daschle to be our Secretary of Health and Human Services because he had accepted funds from players in the health care field and yet Max Baucus is the go-to man for establishing a national health policy?  Whaddya, whaddya?

Another example of our lawmakers anointing themselves as our Lordships: what with all the truly serious issues in front of them, such as banking regulations, unemployment, health care reform, global environmental issues, these Lords and Ladies managed to clog up all the paths to decisions on these matters.  No legislative decisions have been enacted on any of these problems.  Except one.  The ONLY action they could agree on  was to make all televisions newfangled as of this past June.  So now all of my regular, network channels break up into beautiful little pixels.  Sure beats the hell out of hallucinogens.  To rectify this, I would have to subscribe to cable TV, pay them over $150 per month and turn over my life to them when waiting for a home service visit.  Thank you, my Lords.  By the way, I would love to see the PAC contributions to the campaign chests of my lieges in order to be informed on just how much it took our Lordships to sell out to the cable industry.  Whaddya, whaddya?

I am still hopeful of securing a public option in health care coverage, mainly because I am an optimistic idiot, a naive nincompoop, who tries to believe that my cup is half full, not half empty.  Hah!  Who am I fooling?  My inherent malignancy and evil bent about my fellow man, especially my Lords in the House, rules.  These self-anointed royals are so much more interested in getting re-elected than sticking to any policy, whether beneficial or detrimental.  So what are we worried about?  With 70 per cent of Americans in favor of the public option, the deal is practically done.

Whaddya, whaddya?

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One Response to “Whaddya, Whaddya?”

  1. Natalie R Says:

    done deal? Whaddya kidding me? Shameful truly shameful. Did I really truly think the Congress was not in the hip pocket of big money in all things of import? How silly that I thought Obama would change it all.

    Naturally true to my Jewish roots I see a glass half empty. Why? Every time I try to see it half full I get disappointed. From Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, to Robert’s and King’s in 68, to Clinton’s debacle and now as I see it Obama’s HUGE miscalculation of bipartisanship and inaction when it counts — hope in me turns to despair every time. I am waiting though for someone to fill my glass as I will watch in glee when it runs over. I will not give up though until I can take a nice long drink!

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