Democratic Slam Dunk — NOT!

Jon Stewart is truly our modern-day news anchorman.  He goes right to the heart of the matter.  Here’s his take on the Senate Finance Committee’s rejection of the public option:

Stewart, like Yo Mama, agrees that our super majority of Democrats in Congress has as yet, failed to enact any major legislation on the most important issues, like health care, global warming and financial regulations.  The only bills that have been passed seem to have to do with our television reception and a sh**load of funds for abstinence education.  So it looks like we all will be pregnant couch potatoes, with no affordable medical care in a smoggy, polluted world being eaten alive by mortgage and credit card payments.  Now THAT is a super majority!  Those Democrats certainly took the ball and ran with it —- in the exact opposite direction.

What with 65% of American citizens and 70% of our physicians backing the public option, of course it makes sense for our House of Lords to deny us that choice.  Silly Jon Stewart.  Silly Yo Mama.  God bless the Democratic super duper majority!


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  1. Natalie R Says:

    It is a DISGUSTING scenario. I give up!

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