Move On

You gotta read this Op-Ed by Garrison Keillor, which was printed in the New York Times today:

With just a touch of appropriate irreverence coupled with a sufficient dose of honesty that aptly describes the current state of the Republican Party, Keillor makes his point.  He is correct when he says that the Republican reaction to President Obama’s Nobel award is “68% envy and 32% sour grapes.”  My Mama would have summed up the situation in two words: “They’re jealous.”

To find negativism in this award is no party platform.  Sorry, even in the absence of any substantive policy footholds, the GOP is going to have to dig deeper.  Wishes are not reality, and the reality of the Republicans is nowhere, nada, zilch.  The GOP represents an empty platform indicative of an empty, simply retaliatory, strategy.

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