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Well, well, well!  Finally, President Obama has gotten hot under his collar. This was publicly announced today after his nine months of striving for reconciliation, unification and bipartisanship hit the ever-constant brick wall.  Kind of like having a baby: nine months of patience at last followed by a delivery.

Many people have the sense that President Obama’s laying back on such hot-button issues like finance and health care reform is exactly why they voted for him: they admired his efforts in trying to create a more unified political system and government.  However, there are many other voters who are breathing a sigh of relief at his new, tough stance on the issues.  Unfortunately, our political system does not reward conciliatory behavior as politics is just another battle for power, influence and  money.  It is a dog-eat-dog world and certainly our elected officials would even eat their own young to get re-elected and obtain all the perks associated (but actually not prescribed) with holding public office.

President Obama has demanded that those banks that benefitted the most from the federal bailout  drastically reduce their compensation bonuses.  It appears that many of these financial institutions gladly accepted the nation’s funds, but never used those assets as they were meant to be used, i.e.  as mortgage relief to those people temporarily under water to their mortgage lenders, to provide capital for new mortgages and to infuse small business with loans to survive.  The banks then used those federal monies to inflate their current earnings and finally, used those inflated figures as the basis for huge bonus payouts.  Talk about the emperor’s new clothes and Ponzi schemes!

Our President has also, at last, criticized the insurance industry for their dastardly policies such as capping benefits, denying coverage for actually getting sick and inventing ridiculous pre-existing conditions.  And for the insurers lording over all of us in their corrupt manner, our government has blessed them with an anti-trust exemption.  Not only is the insurance industry responsible for price fixing, being the absolute judge in life and death decisions with no timely recourse, and holding our physicians over a barrel by charging them with exorbitant medical malpractice premiums, but also the industry, as we speak, has the government’s approval for such twisted and warped policies.  President Obama has finally called these thieves on the carpet for their irresponsibility to their policyholders in lieu of their own profitability.  Making nice and ethical business practices will never be a part of our current insurance industry nor, for that matter, our entire corporate ethos.  The only strategy to correct such blatant abuses is to talk their talk, walk their walk,  i.e. to force viable competition in the form of a hefty public option.  A weak public option would act as a mere slap on the wrist to the industry.

On the international scene, President Obama asserted his belief of honesty in government by forcing Afghanistan President Karzai’s hand in capitulating to an election runoff after significant fraud had been uncovered in the initial election.  No more of our troops will be committed to that war front until Afghanistan has negated its election fraud and a viable, duly elected government is in force.  Bravo Mr. Obama.

I do believe the true Obama is emerging.  In my post of May 6, 2008 called “A Promise is a Promise”, I set forth my case that, if elected,  Barack Obama would be the biggest bastard our Office of the President has ever seen.  I wrote this with very positive intentions.  Well folks, the true Obama has come out of his cocoon just this week.  Further, Andrew Sullivan has also reached this same conclusion:

Go for it, President Obama!  You have been more than patient on all fronts and now show us the stuff of which you are truly made.  I always knew you had it in you.  I am waiting for the next, deliberate step in your wise leadership.  Make believe I am from Missouri: show me.

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  1. Natalie R Says:

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. I will love nothing better than to verbalize or write MEA CULPA, MEA MAXIMA CULPA IF I was in error to doubt him. I read Sullivan and hoped he was right. He is VERY smart. Today’s news pulled me out of the morning down in the dumps. Rachel Maddow was hopeful, Keith which I saw briefly was too I think. I hope…I go to bed a little happier than I woke up.

    We shall see what the morrow brings!

  2. Natalie R Says:

    p.s. another note of community interest for those who read this blog. See HBO’s documentary “Outrage” it’s WONDERFUL….it stars such swine as Larry Craig, Ed Koch, Charlie Crist and many many other hypocrites who vote against all gay protective unfair legislation and do quite another in their bedroom, back alleys and bars.

    They have the goods on these utter contemptible poor excuses for humanity and I urge everyone who gets HBO to search for the film and watch it. You can get it On Demand as well. Look for HBO.

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